I originally started training with Mike to lose 20 pounds that I had put on during pregnancy with my 5th child, who was born c-section.  After training for a while, I noticed I was getting so many more benefits than just weight loss.  I felt GREAT!!!  I felt stronger, had much more energy and had an amazing reduction in pain.  I have had scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis since I was 5 and have been on pain medication since.  I am now only taking occasional medication to control minor pain.  I have lost 24 pounds and continue to see changes in my body.  This has been one of the best choices I have made for my health and my families.  Thanks Mike!
After having three kids, I thought the way I looked and felt about myself was the best it was going to get.  I had tried many different programs at home but was never able to see the results that I was working so hard for. Mike completely changed all of that for me in just a few short months.  I found through our workouts, I was much stronger and physically capable of so much more than I thought I was.  Mike challenged me to be a better person in every exercise he gave me.  Because he knows you as an individual person, you are not getting a cookie cutter workout.  He took my weaknesses and turned them into strengths.  The best part was, he didn’t care about making me the skinniest person in the gym, Mike was more worried about making me healthy and strong. For the first time, I was working out to improve my overall health, not just trying to kill myself to look like the models on the cover of magazines.  Mike will challenge you and your body to the limits, but he is also there to make sure you succeed.  I went from a size 9 to a size 3 with the help of Mike.  I know that I am stronger and healthier and I am changing my body image to the best of its ability.


Before I started working out with Michael, I had spent a number of years lifting weights and running.  I was in pretty good cardiovascular condition, and I definitely enjoyed working out, but I was starting to get bored with the same old lifting routine, and was looking for a serious change.  I also wanted to get to a higher level of fitness, so I signed up to train with Michael.  It didn’t take long (about 10 minutes into our first training session) for me to realize that I wasn’t in quite as good of shape as I originally thought.  Michael really pushed me during that first workout, and having him there to coach and encourage me definitely helped me work harder than I normally work for myself.  After that first workout, I was completely exhausted, but I also knew that this was exactly what I needed!



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