While training face to face with me is definitely the most advantageous way to get strong and lean, I understand that sometimes, for a variety of reasons, that isn’t an option.  It may be due to schedules, finances or even that you just live too far away.  This is why I offer a few other services to make myself available to those who are unable to train.

Online Personal Training: When you live too far away to meet with me, but still want quality coaching, personalized programs and lasting results, Online Personal Training is a great option.  This is as close to mimicking a training experience with me as you can get without being able to meet face to face.  There is nothing cookie cutter about these programs, as each is tailored specifically to what each individual client needs based upon their unique bodies and their own goals.  Online Trainng gets you either a 2 day or 3 day a week routine focused on your specific goals and needs, video examples for each exercise and full access to my phone and email as well as nutritional support.  These programs are designed to give you everything you need for a one month’s worth of training.  If you choose to go another month, simply repurchase.  It’s that easy!

2 day a week program

Price: $100.00/month


3 day a week program

Price: $130.00/month



Program Design: The old adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is never more true than when it comes to training.  All too often I hear people confess that they frequently show up to the gym with no idea of what they are going to do, no goals in mind and no progression from what they’ve previously done.  This is a recipe for a lot of wasted time and effort.  Having a pre-designed and individualized plan is a very valuable tool.  All my programs are specific to each clients needs and goals.  I spend time showing clients proper execution of each exercise, discuss progression and make sure there is proper understanding of their program before they train on their own.

Program Design

Price: $150/month


For more information on any of the above services please feel free to contact me.