Hi, Remember Me?

To those of you who have been faithful followers of this blog for that last few years, I owe you a huge apology.  I dropped out of sight for the last two and a half months and have given zero explanation for my absence.

I know…I suck.

To be succinct life went BOOM and I’ve had to let some things slide for a bit.   One of those things happened to be this blog.   Anyway, in some yet-to-be-determined way I’m back.   My hope is to at least get back to regular weekly posts.  I’ve been working on some things for you all that I think you will enjoy.  Maybe after you see them and we have a few cuddles we can be friends again. *crosses fingers*

While I don’t have much to say aside from my explanation for my absence, I do have a small announcement for those readers that are local.

I’m going to be running a four week long, two day a week bootcamp here at Fit For Life in Ontario.  The camp will be Thursday and Saturday morning (starting Sept. 27th) at 7:00 and will run $89.    The camp size will be limited to 10 people so if you’re interested drop me a note on my contact page and I will get your name on the list.  Spots will fill up fast, so be sure and reserve a spot now so you don’t miss out!

I’ll be back soon with some funky fresh content!


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