A Lil’ Bit O’ Me and Some Tough Love

Two quick things this morning.

First, Tuesday morning I was on a local radio station.  You can check out the program hereJust scroll back to Tuesday and click on “Treasure Valley Live”.  My portion starts at 29:22 and is roughly a half hour long.  We talk about nutrition, fat loss, supplements and even get prank called, so yeah…it’s definitely worth a listen.

Second, yesterday morning I witnessed/heard something that really made me sad/frustrated/irritated.  A member of the gym I train out of strolled in only to find that “her” treadmill was out of order.  She instantly (and loudly) started complaining about this.  After trying to make the treadmill “go” for the ninth time, she loudly exclaimed “I should have just stayed home!”

The road to a lean strong body is going to be filled with setbacks, frustrations, and flat out failures.  If you don’t have enough drive to adapt, get back up, endure or simply ask how to operate a treadmill that you are unfamiliar with, you have two options:

1. Accept that your body will never look different, you will never feel any better and that you probably blame all of your problems on anything and everything around you (including inanimate objects) and take zero responsibility for anything.  Oh, and you will spend each year getting fatter and more unhappy with yourself.

2. Pull your head out and realize that no person, thing, situation or circumstance dictates how hard you work or what you put into your body.  Your success is solely in your hands. 

You either want it or you don’t.


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