Burn Body Fat with Combination Movements

When it comes to how I program session for my clients, it’s clear that a majority of the movements I program are basic, compound movements (deadlifts, squats, pull ups, rows, lunges, bench press, overhead press, etc.) and the endless variations of these movements.  I’m a believer that the basics should be a huge part of anyone’s programs, as you can never get TOO good at them.

However, over the years, I’ve come up with, or come across, several movements that either blend a few of these basic movements together, or are based on a basic movement but have some other stuff thrown in with them that are fun, challenging and a nice change of pace.  I call these movements “combination movements”…cuz…well…they’re combinations of movements.  Clever huh?

What I’ve found is that while these movements aren’t the most effective for building muscle, they are great for improving coordination, getting the heart rate up and burning a ton of calories, which helps get that stubborn fat off of your midsection.

Most often, not always, I use these movements as part of a finisher.  After all a clients strength work is done, I may use the following (or others) as part of a finishing complex.  The reps and set combinations are endless, however I will make a note for where I typically set rep parameters for each.  Use this as a guideline, not as something set in stone.

In no particular order, here are 5 of my favorites fat burning, combination movements:

Renegade Row W/ Push Up:

Typical rep parameters: 6-8 per side

Goblet Reverse Lunge W/ Push Press:

Typical rep parameters: 6-8 per side

Inverted Row W/ Glute Bridge:

Typical rep parameters: 8-12

Side Plank W/ Cable Row:

Typical rep parameters: 6-12 per side

Cross Body Mountain Climbers W/ Squat Thrust and KB High Pull:

Typical rep parameters: 5-10 (I think any more than that is just cruel)

Give these a shot and let me know which you loved (or hated) the most!

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