A Workout To Get Yo’self Some Abz

I know what you’re thinking…the title to this post is incredibly clever and wasn’t straightforward and boring at all.  In fact it had just enough mystery to entice you to drop everything you were doing and immediately read this post.  I’m kinda awesome like that.

Last week, I posted the results from a poll I had up a few weeks ago.  In short, the physical attribute that men like most in women is a firm, strong booty.  And the attribute that women most like in a man is a lean, defined stomach.

As promised, last week I gave the ladies a one day program that would help them get a strong, shapely butt.  (On a side note, the workout I wrote up got the seal of approval from Bret Contreras, a world renown trainer and pretty much the authority on the glutes and how to properly train them…so yeah, you should use it.)

Today, I’ve got a program for guys to help them get a strong midsection to show off to all the ladies…or to take pictures of themselves in the mirror to put on Facebook.

(Seriously, please stop doing that.)

First off, let’s get one thing straight, having visible abs is simply a matter of having low enough body fat to see them.  If your diet sucks and you’re walking around with an extra 20 pounds of fat on your body (which for most men sits right on top of their abs) no amount of crunches is going to get you jacked for a day at the beach. 


Like, for realzzzzz. 

While I’m not going to get into the nutritional side of things here, you probably know if you eat like garbage…if you do, stop.

OK, on to the program.

Perform the following workout once per week in addition to your current strength training program, or in place of a full body day.

(Note: all exercises are linked to a video demonstration)


Leg Swings: (1 set, 8 reps/side)

Wall Slides: (1 set, 8 reps)

Bird Dogs: (1×6/side)

Walking Spiderman W/ Hip Lift and Overhead Reach: (1×5/side)

TRAINING SESSION: (Perform all matching letters in super set fashion. Ex. 1 set of A1 followed by 1 set A2 until all sets are completed.)

A1. Barbell Push Press (5×5)

A2. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift (4×8)

A3. Barbell Rollouts (4×12)

B1. Chin Ups (5×5)

B2. Reverse Lunge (4×12/side)

B3. Half Kneeling Pallof Press (4×8/side)


Goblet Squat (30 sec)

Rest (30 sec)

Push Ups (30 sec)

Rest (30 sec)

Burpees (30 sec)

Rest (30 sec)

Inverted Row (30 sec)

Rest (60-90 sec)

Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.  When selecting a weight for each exercise in this finisher, use a weight that challenges you for the allotted time, but not one so heavy that you have to stop after 10 seconds to rest…at least not in the first couple rounds.

STRETCH: Please, for the love of all that is holy, stretch something!

Give it shot, share it on Facebook and let me know what you think!


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