Something To Watch, Something To Listen To and a Couple Free Workouts (Soon)

I have a couple quick things to share with you today.  (And then I need your quick input.)

First off, Fit 4 Life (the gym I train out of) recently made a web commercial.  I thought they did a great job, and John (the owner) explains his philosophy on fitness.  If you’re interested in hearing more about his philosophy, are interested in where I spend most of my days or are just hoping that I make a cameo appearance in the video (I totally do) check it out below.

I had the opportunity to be on the radio again this week.  If you want, check out a the recorded interview here.  Scroll back to Monday the 9th and click on “Treasure Valley Live”.  My portion starts at 31:45.

Lastly, I need your quick input on something.  I’m wanting to see what each sex finds most attractive in the opposite sex as far as strong, lean body parts go.  Ladies, do you like a big strong back?  Or how about broad shoulders?  Guys, do you prefer toned, lean legs?  Or a lean midsection? 

Women vote on the poll that says “women”. 

Men vote on the poll that says “men”. 

Hope that’s not too complicated.

After a week or so, I’ll compile the results and whichever body part wins for each poll, I will write up a workout to attack that specific area that you can take to the gym and implement immediately.  So, vote away and be looking for a workout that will help you get the strong, lean body part that the opposite sex finds most attractive.  Polls open……NOW!

(and be sure to share on Facebook…the more votes, the better!)


3 thoughts on “Something To Watch, Something To Listen To and a Couple Free Workouts (Soon)

    • @MR: I’ve never been able to get a FB button to work on my blog. I think it had something to do with me not being smart enough to figure it out. Pintrest you say? Hmmmmm……

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