An Exercise You Should Try: Tall Kneeling Get Up

Sorry for my lack of posting as of late.  I’ve been steadily getting up a couple posts a week for a while, but I think I’ve only got up two in the last few weeks…or something like that.  I’ve been doing some more article writing/submitting as well as some guest post stuff (stay tuned for that) that has been eating up a bunch of my time resulting in there not being much love here on the blog.

Anyway, I’ve got a great new exercise for you all.  I picked this up from Tom Furman over at  It’s called the Tall Kneeling Get Up.

I’ve been using this over the last few months with some clients, and it’s become  a favorite of mine.  It teaches some great lower body mechanics and is a great body weight movement.

Here’s how to get it done:

-Start in the “tall kneeling” position (both knees on the ground).

-Swing one leg through so you are in a deep lunge position.  Make sure you don’t swing your foot out wide while doing this.  Keep your foot, knee and hip aligned through the entire movement.  This can be challenging at first for some, but will get easier with practice.

-Once in a deep lunge position, drive through the foot that is on the ground and rise into a standing position.

-Return to the tall kneeling position and switch legs.

-Keep your chest tall through the entire movement.

The reps for this can vary drastically depending on the emphasis you want the movement to have, but I normally have people doing between 5-8 reps a side. 

Feel free to load this by holding dumbbells or kettlebells.

Try them out and let me know what you think!


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