The Best Of!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas this last Sunday.  I know mine was filled with relaxation, laughter and nutritional debauchery.  I hope yours was nothing less!

With 2011 coming to a close (and an actual full year of blogging under my belt) I thought it would be interesting to look back at some of the more popular posts over the past 12 months.  In my opinion, something worth reading once is definitely worth reading again..things like 1984, Siddhartha, Calvin and Hobbes, you know…classics.

Without trying to sound to braggadocious, I’ve often gleaned new insights while reading my own post over again.  And while I certainly don’t think I’m on the level of Orwell, Hesse, or Watterson my thought is that re-reading some of these might do the same for you.

So without further ado, here are the most popular posts from the last year:

Interview with Tony Gentilcore: Part 1 and Part 2

I’ve been fortunate enough to interview several leaders in the industry this year, and it had been a blast to get to do so.  They’ve all been gracious enough to take the time to answer my (sometimes ridiculous) questions and drop some knowledge.  However, this two part interview with Tony Gentilcore was by far the most popular.

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Spiderman Plank

People love to train their abs.  I mean they LOVE to train their abs.  So much so that anytime I’m having a client perform an exercise another gym member hasn’t seen before, they almost always ask “does that work your abs?” in hopes that they’ve discovered a new way to chisel away at their belly fat.  The Spiderman Plank takes the win for the “exercise blog” category.  They are a fantastic exercise that train both anti-extension as well as lumbopelvic stabilization (a fancy term for “good stuff”).

My Thoughts On The FDA’s “My Plate”

I try to write posts that discuss nutrition pretty regularly, especially since a lot of you have mentioned that nutrition is one of your favorite topics.  When the FDA released its upgrade from its “My Pyramid”, they caused quite a controversy.  People reacted strongly to some of the suggestions and changes that were made.  I weighed in with my thoughts on their changes, both pros and cons. 

Why Do All Old People Look The Same?

This post takes the win for the “nerdy” category.  While I don’t get too geeky on this blog much (mostly because it involves writing polysyllabic words) every once in a while I dive into some of the science behind what happens within our bodies.  I thought this post was a great one and it has some critical information for keeping your body healthy as you age.  I would argue that the information in this post is one piece of the “fountain of youth” puzzle.

5 Reasons The Biggest Loser Is Bad For The Fitness Industry

I have strong feeling about most things within the fitness industry.  Mostly because I’m a part of it and, good or bad, they reflect on me.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people say that they’re hesitant to train with me because of the experience the had with a trainer 8 years ago.  Yeah, bad experiences can carry a lot of weight.  In this post I discuss 5 reasons that I believe that the Biggest Loser is hurting more than it’s helping.

Recipe For Yam “Fries”-They’re So Good You Could Eat ‘Em!

This has been by far the most popular recipe I’ve put up on the blog.  Probably because they’re REALLY good!  We had them recently and they just never get old.

Fantastic Before And Afters

If you’ve been around the blog long, you know that I like to showcase my clients and their body transformations.  While all of the before and afters that I’ve put up have made amazing transformation, this one has been the most popular.  I think the fact that this client is a 41 year old with 4 kids inspired a lot of people.

What I Like About Crossfit

This wasn’t technically written in 2011, but it remains one of my most read posts.  Love him or hate him, I think Crossfit founder Greg Glassman’s polarizing personality drives people to read more and more about this strength and conditioning program. 

I’ve been somewhat vocal on my opinions on Crossfit, and maintain that there are both things I like and things I strongly disagree with about the program.  And while, since I wrote this post, there are things I’ve come to like more and things I’ve come to like less, this list holds true.  There are some things Crossfit does VERY well that every gym/trainer would be well served to try and duplicate.

Well, that’s it!  The most popular posts from 2011.  I hope you take some time to either re-read these of read them for the first time.

I will be absent from the blog over the next week and a half, so this will give you plenty to keep busy with!

I sincerely hope you all have a great (and safe) New Years.  See you all in 2012!


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