Life Is Like A…Delivered Pizza?

A couple of nights ago, Kat and I decided to order pizza.  We hadn’t ordered pizza for a loooong time, and for some reason I was kind of excited.  I think there is something to be said for people bringing hot delicious meals to your door.

When the pizza arrived, I cracked open the box, let the smell of hot, melty, cheesy goodness fill my nostrils and got ready to dive in.  As I was putting the pizza on my plate (I had already got Kat’s pizza for her…cuz that’s the kind of stand up guy I am) I couldn’t help but notice that the pieces were nowhere near the same size as each other.  In fact, there was one piece that was HUGE, and directly across from it was a little tiny piece.

Of course, it makes sense.  If you’re going to cut one piece bigger, you have to make another smaller.

Life is like delivered pizza. 

If we’re honest with ourselves there is probably always something we feel like we should be giving more time or attention to.  I know for myself, when I have busy seasons at work, I don’t feel like I’m getting the quality time I want with my family.  If I’m focusing on dropping my body fat, most likely I’m not adding a bunch of weight to the bar at the same time.  Life is full of examples like this.  It’s a simple equation really, if you give to one thing, you have to take from another.  Whether it’s time, resources, money, efforts, creative energy, whatever, this rings true.

Allow me to let you in on a little secret.  It’s OK.  Trying to keep everything in perfect balance usually results in not accomplishing much, and not completing anything.

When my daughter, Lila, was born my training suffered.  I certainly didn’t stop training and I still got some good quality work done in the gym, but I wasn’t setting any PR’s or doing anything earth shattering.

When I was prepping for my fat loss seminar this last fall, Kat was very understanding about the fact that I was going to be holed up more than usual in an effort to provide quality content to those attending.

Slices, not juggling balls.

There’s an analogy that compares life to juggling.  If you focus only on one ball, you’re going to let the other ones drop.  I’m not talking about juggling and I’m not talking about letting go of anything only to let it crash to the floor.  I’m talking about pizza and (when it’s appropriate) not being afraid to let some slices be bigger than others.

The difference is this, when you let all of the balls fall while juggling, you’re no longer juggling.  When you cut some slices of pizza bigger than others, it all still gets eaten.


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