Does It Make Any Sense?

Some things just don’t make any sense.

Deep frying a Twinkie.

The English language.

Mixing scrambled or fried eggs with anything that has maple syrup on it.  (My brother does this and it honestly makes me gag a little.)

Jillian Michaels being on a show called “The Doctors”.


Yup, life is full of things that make you go “huh?”.

This is often true of people and their fitness goals.  If you ask someone what their goals are, and then what they are doing to meet those goals, often they don’t line up.

Guys wanting to put on muscle that are eating 1,800 calories a day.

Women wanting to get stronger that are lifting 5 pound dumbbells for 1,001 reps.

Or anyone who wants to lose weight but never sets foot in a gym or prepares a meal for themselves.

Again, things that make you go “huh?”.

Do me (and yourself) a favor.  Write down one or two of your main fitness goals.  Then, write down what actions you are taking to meet those goals.  Do they match up?  Does what you are eating reflect the body composition change you are wanting to make?  Do your efforts in the gym move you closer to your goals or further away?

This may seem like  silly thing to do, (because of course your actions match your goals) but you would be surprised at how often they don’t line up.

If your actions don’t move you towards your goals, then change your actions.

Revisit this list often.


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