Living Life On The Dark Side

For those who don’t know, I train out of a regular gym.  I don’t have my own facility where I oversee every lift, set and rep that is performed.  This means that I regularly have to deal with the average gym-goer who has little to no idea what being fit means or what it takes to achieve any kid of body transformation.

In turn, I frequently have to hear the uneducated comments from the regular ol’ gym folk.  Comments that are simply the regurgitation of old, played out health and fitness inaccuracies.

Things like:

-“Those squats he’s doing will destroy his knees.”

-“Why is she lifting so much weight, is she training for the Olmpics?”

-“You shouldn’t have your clients deadlift, it’ll ruin their backs.”

-“You know if you had them run more, they’d lose more weight.”

These are literally all comments I’ve heard gym members say.

The problem is this: those that stay in the safe confines of mediocrity and rehash the same “truths” about getting healthier rarely make any progress.  They don’t get leaner.  They don’t get stronger.  They continually fight the same nagging injuries.

They spend their lives on a treadmill logging countless hours and miles in an effort to get lean.  They lift 5-10 pound dumbbells for endless reps because they don’t want to get “bulky” or they want to focus on developing “long, lean muscle”.  They avoid egg yolks and red meat like the plague and instead consume copious amounts of prepared, frozen diet foods.

And they just don’t make a shred of progress.

If I keep moving my legs, surely I'll get somewhere!

On the flip side, my clients programs are built around heavy, compound movements like squats and deadlifts.  They spend very little time on a treadmill (and when they do, they are sprinting as fast as they possibly can).  They eat whole eggs and red meat on a regular basis.  They consistently strive to get stronger and better at each lift they perform.  They move past nagging injuries and are able to do things they never have before.  Oh, and they transform their bodies too.

Nope, not like Optimus Prime

In short, my clients have decided to let go of the seemingly endless and inane guidance that fills the cover of every magazine in the check out line and swap it for a life of living on the outside.  A life that is tough to comprehend for those that don’t live it.  A life where hitting a new PR makes your week.  A life where you are free from incredibly strict and regulated diets.  A life where self worth is not determined by the number on the scale.  A life where getting stronger is always a good option.

It’s the side of life that is often misunderstood even though it is based on simplicity.  It’s the side of life that is rejected despite the undeniable benefits it holds.  It’s the side of life that builds character, discipline and self-control.  It’s the Dark Side, and it’s a good place to be.


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