Struggle With Food? You MUST Read This!

As you very well know, I like to read.  Often I don’t do it as much as I would like, but I love it nonetheless.  What I read most often is blogs and articles written by other trainers whom I admire and respect.  This keeps my mind churning, and it helps keep me fresh and challenged as a trainer.

Sometimes, the things I read give me new ideas for exercises or nutritional strategies.  Sometimes I am reinforced in the way I currently train, and others I am challenged to accept that maybe there is a better way to do what I’m trying to do.  And then sometimes I’m struck by the flat out honesty an author has and by their willingness to be completely transparent.

That happened two days ago.

My friend Nia Shanks posted a blog entry that was incredibly honest about her struggles with food.  The way she lost complete control of what she was  putting into her body, and the damage it had both physically and emotionally.

Every once in a while I put up some “good reads” that are articles or blogs that I think you will enjoy reading.  Sometimes people read them, other times they don’t.  Today, I’m telling you GO READ THIS BLOG ENTRY.

Nia chose to be incredibly vulnerable and open about her struggles and I think things like that resonate with people in powerful ways.  Much more so than “How To Get Ripped Abs!” or “Something Hilarious Written By the Handsome Michael Gray”.  In fact, I would argue that posts like the one Nia recently wrote can be absolute game changers for some people.  They see that they aren’t the only ones who struggle with what they eat.  Someone can identify with them.  They aren’t alone.

Seriously, go read the blog entry.  And please, please, please leave Nia a comment thanking her for being brave enough to share her story with thousands of people!


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