Girls Gone Strong

With my “Everything You Need To Know About Fatloss” Seminar tomorrow, I’m looking at a crazy full day. I’ll spend most of the day reviewing material, making my Power Point slides, and reassuring myself that I wont throw up while presenting making sure everything is ready to go.

I know I’ve mentioned it a ton lately, but today will be the last time-if you’re at all interested in dropping some body fat or just understanding how dropping body fat works, be sure and sign up for the seminar here.

Yesterday, on Facebook, I was asked to “Like” a new Facebook page.  Once I saw what it was, I was MORE than happy to “Like” away. 

Several women, including friend of the blog Nia Shanks, have started a page called “Girls Gone Strong”.  In short, it’s a page celebrating females being strong and lean and empowering them to to things they never thought they could.  My only worry is that the internet might turn in on itself from the amount of awesome that this page is surely going to produce.

If you’re a female, be sure and check out the page here.

If you’re a dude and need to be reminded that you really should kick it up a notch because 120 lb Nia Shanks can out deadlift you any day of the week, be sure and check it out too.  (Actually, dudes should check it out no matter what because women getting strong is not only an important message to get out in the fitness industry but also rediculously cool.)

Again, check out the page here. 

“Like” it. 

Visit it frequently.

Thank the girls behind it for being passionate about getting the truth about women and fitness.

Pass the word along to your friends. 

Sign up for my seminar.

Oops!  How’d that get in there??  Oh well…

Be good this weekend.


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