Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss: Expectations

If you’ve been around this blog long you know that this coming weekend I’m holding a fat loss seminar, and I’ve had several people ask me what they can expect from it.  In short-a lot.  But here is a little more detailed answer:

-A detailed overview of food and the importance of it in regards to fat loss.  We will cover proteins, fats and carbs and the role each play in a fat loss nutrition program.

-The importance of recovery and hydration.

-How to set up your training programs and design them specifically for maximizing your fat loss efforts.

-The debunking of several fat loss “myths”.

-The important role that hormones play in both losing and keeping body fat.

-A thorough overview of several popular diets, as well as pros and cons of each.

-Common pitfalls in both nutrition and training that will bring your efforts to a screeching halt.

What this seminar will NOT be is a massive sales-pitch.  I will not try to convince you as to why you must hire me as a trainer, or try to talk you into buying this certain supplement so that you can reach your goals.  This is simply a TON of information beign provided to you to give you the power to drop body fat and keep it off.

Trust me, if you’re wanting to discover a leaner you, you don’t want to miss this!

I’ve decided to extend the pre-registration date until this Friday at midnight, so be sure and register here!


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