New Article On EliteFTS!

Yesterday, I had a new article go up on  Click the link below to read it, and be sure to leave a comment letting them know if you liked it!


On a Friday morning last fall, I was at the airport in Boise, Idaho, waiting for my flight to board for a conference in Seattle, Washington. I arrived at the airport around 5:00 a.m. and got through the security gate without a hitch. I had about an hour to kill before boarding began, so I decided to stroll around and do some people watching.

I try not be someone who judges a book by its cover, but sometimes you can tell a lot by watching someone for a few moments. I could tell that this one woman was unhappy with her husband who had just checked out the stewardess. I could tell that the sixteen-year-old kid with a face riddled with acne and his shoulders slumped over so far he almost turned inward didn’t have the greatest sense of self-worth. Human behavior often repeats itself and it’s often indicative of certain attributes...  Continue reading.


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