You Only Get One

I don’t remember who said it or where I read it.  I’m thinking it was either Mike Boyle or Dan John, both coaches who are known for dropping knowledge-bombs all over the place, but it doesn’t matter much.  What I read was something along the lines of this:

If you knew you only got one car for your entire life, how would you take care of it?  Would you let the oil sit in there for tens of thousands of miles, or would you be very timely in your oil changes?  Would you fill it with cheap gasoline that you knew would cause problems over time, or would you do your best to always fill it with high quality gas that would extend the life of your cars parts?  Would you let it sit and rust, or would you actually use it for what it was intended?

The answer of course is the latter of each question.  If you knew you only got one car for your entire life, you would take great care of it because if it wore out you’d either be stuck walking everywhere or bummin’ rides from your friends.  (We all get sick of that guy.) 

Of course, the above question really isn’t about a car at all.

The truth is, we all get one body.  Just one.  We don’t get to trade it in, or lease a new one.  We get the body that we were born with and that is it.

The sad part about this statement is that many of us fail to realize it.  We treat our bodies as if they are expendable.  We fuel our bodies with things that barely resemble foods.  They are processed, manufactured in factories, died to look prettier and more appealing, and on and on.  But, the bottom line is that a lot of the things we feed our bodies are pure crap.

Then we sit all day.  We sit at work.  We sit in the car.  We sit on the couch to watch American Idol and then we go to bed, pop our sleeping pills and lie down for a good medicated night’s sleep…as if we’ve earned it.

Does that sound like a good way to treat something we only get one of?

Does that sound like a good plan for getting the most life out of your body?

What if instead, you fed your body quality food?  Food that was capable of fueling your body for all it’s needs and demands.  Foods that didn’t have to be fortified with vitamins, because they already had vitamins in them.  Foods that did good things in your body and encouraged proper function of your organs and blood.  What if you fed your body foods that didn’t solely come in a bag or a box?

What if instead of letting your body sit and corrode and rust to the point that it no longer resembles it’s original design, you moved it.  What if you got up and let it move the way that it was intended to move. 

I hate to sound all dramatic, but this is all very true.  You get one body.  No replacements.  No trade ins.  How long it lasts and how well it functions as it ages is up to you.  You can take care of it or neglect it, but don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.  Your health and well-being is 100% in your hands.

(For more info on how to keep your body functioning optimally by keeping your body fat low, be sure and register for my “Everything You Need To Know About Fat Loss” Seminar for October 22nd.)


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