Crush Any Goal!

Let’s be honest, everyone has things they would love to do.  Whether it’s lose a certain amount of weight, fit into a certain pair of pants, travel through South America or save enough money to retire in style-everyone has goals they would love to accomplish.  

But how many of us actually accomplish those goals?

You could chalk it up to not having enough “want to”, being lazy, not having the proper resources or opportunities, etc, but the bottom line is that, no matter the reason, most of us wind up not doing the things that we want to do.

I’m a big picture guy.  I see where I want my business to be in 5,10 and even 20 years.  I know the things that I would like to accomplish as well as the impact I would like to have within the fitness community (nothing short of global domination). 

Being able to see where you want to be is critical in meeting your goals.  After all, if you’re unable to see the end of the road, you don’t really have a goal.  You’re more likely to be wandering aimlessly than you are on a path with a destination.

However, the problem (this is what I’m incredibly guilty of) is when all you do is see the end of line, but never make any steps to get there. 

While the last almost-three years of personal training have been full of incredible growth, I found that there were several goals I had that I wasn’t any closer to reaching after three years of training than when I first started.  All I saw was where I wanted to be, but I had no idea how to actually get there.

Then came yesterday.

For about two and a half hours yesterday afternoon, I sat down with Gray Fitness’ only employee (other than myself), my manager/assistant-who also, happens to be my wife. 

Fortunately for me, she is very much an action-oriented person.  While I see the destination, she is very much about paving the road to get there.  We discussed all of the things I wanted to accomplish with Gray Fitness.  From implementing marketing strategies, to setting financial goals, to increasing my internet presence as a trainer, we wrote them all down.

Seeing as how I’d been thinking of these things for years, this was  piece of cake.  However, the next step is what I found much more challenging and absolutely vital to actually accomplishing each of these goals.  Beneath each goal, we wrote out what needs to happen for each of these goals to be accomplished.  As my wife calls them-these are action steps.

We literally poured over every goal and wrote down everything that needed to be set in place for my goals to be accomplished.  Each had a few action steps, and some had several.  Then we put a due date on each of them.  Every action step had to be accomplished within a set time frame.

I can’t tell you how excited I was by the end of this process.  I could literally see a road map to reaching each of my goals.  I saw the individual steps that I needed to take and the time frame I had to accomplish them.

I walked out of that meeting feeling empowered, with a new excitement for Gray Fitness and a fire under my feet to passionately pursue each of the goals we had laid out. I was no longer dreaming about meeting them “someday”.

For example: one of the things that came out of this meeting was holding an hour a week, month long seminar.  I’m very excited about this and now have a road map for how to hold this seminar within my community.  Be looking for more info on that in the very near future.  (Quick teaser: it will be held through the month of October, and if you’re looking to lose body fat-you wont want to miss it!)

So how does this apply to you?

First, identify your goals.  Make them clear and precise.

Once you have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish, write out everything you need to do to meet those goals.  Each should have at least 1-2 action steps.

Do you want to take a trip to Europe in two years? Figure out how much it will cost and then figure out how much you need to save each month to make that happen.  If you can’t save that much, figure out how you are either going to increase your monthly income or what you need to quit spending money on to make sure you can save that amount.

Do you want to lose 30 pounds?  Figure out what steps need to be taken to make that happen.  Maybe you need to start by joining a gym.  Maybe you need to start interviewing trainers.  What ever you need to do, write it down.

Once you have all of your actions steps written out, give each of them a time line.  A date that you must accomplish each action step by.  And stick to it.

I think you will find you have the same feeling of empowerment that I did.  You will walk away from this exercise with a clearly defined road map of how to reach your goals.  And that is exactly what you need to meet them!

Don’t wait to do this.  Do it now while it’s fresh in your mind.  I promise you wont be disappointed!

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3 thoughts on “Crush Any Goal!

  1. Great article, Michael. I’m so guilty of the same thing (Hmmm, maybe it’s hereditary) – thinking about what I want to do, but never really doing it. Your suggestions are very helpful.

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