How Do You Deal With The Post-Vacation “I Don’t Wanna’s”?

I know I’ve been a little lame as far as posting goes lately.  Not in content, but in regularity.  I’ve only got a few posts up over the last couple weeks, but I’ll change baby.  Just give me another chance!

First off, the winner for the Free Personal Training Contest has been chosen!  She has been notified and is super excited to get started.  I will be working with her over the course of 10 weeks starting mid September, and I will be sure to keep you all posted on her progress.  Thanks again to everyone who entered!

A few weeks ago, a client of mine asked me how to get back into the routine of getting to the gym and training after having been on vacation.  She was getting ready to be out of town for a coupe weeks and was anticipating feeling unmotivated upon her return.

My response was simply, “don’t get out of the routine.”

That may be a bit blunt, but it’s true.  If training is truly an important thing to you, then why stop just because you are in a different geographical location?

Not to mention the fact that because you’re on vacation you’re probably going to be more relaxed as far as what your eating.  You’re going to eat things that are higher in calories, lower in nutritional value.  You might drink alcohol every night.  You might even order two desserts.  This makes keeping in step with your training even more important.  Otherwise, you come back from vacation rested, tan and 10 pounds heavier.

SOLUTION #1.  Find A Gym To Train At

It’s really not that difficult to maintain a training effect when your away from home.  The easiest solution is to find a gym near where you’ll be staying.  If you’re staying at a hotel, chances are they have some kind of “gym” for you to use on site. If not (or if your staying with family or friends) find a gym near by, pay the guest fee (or better yet, see if they offer a free trial) and voila, you have a gym at your disposal.

Train away.

The potential problem is that sometimes big globo gyms charge upwards of $20 bucks a day for you to use their facility.  So if you can’t find a place to train at that’s wont ask you for your first born child, then what?

SOLUTION #2.  Use Your Body

If you have your body with you (I hope you remember to pack that) and a few square feet of floor, you can get a great training effect without having to leave your hotel room/friend’s house/in-law’s guest bedroom.

Here’s a list of exercises off the top of my head that you can do with just your body weight-lunges, reverse luges, prisoner squats, wall slides, step ups, push ups, pull ups, planks, spiderman planks, prone cross toe, single leg romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts, split squats, spidermans, jumping jacks, high knees, bulgarian split squats, squat thrusts…and on and on……and on……

So yeah, there are plenty of options for you to use in the comfort of another persons home.

Don’t make it complicated-just stay mobile.  Get your heart rate up a few times, keep your muscles familiar with training and keep your mindset on your health.  Yes, some people might think you’re “obsessed” because you want to continue to train while you’re on vacation.  That’s OK.  They’re really just jealous that you have the motivation and conviction to do it in the first place.


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