In case you missed it, yesterday I had a guest post go up over on Tony Gentilcore’s site.  Be sure and check it out here.

This morning, during my drive into work, I heard that a new study had been done on life expectancy and watching TV.  What the researchers found was that the more television people watched, the shorter their lives tend to be.  I know, shocking right?

Now, I didn’t hear their rationale behind their findings, but I think it’s safe to make at least one logical conclusion.

Our bodies were made to move.

I remember seeing  a documentary on animal cruelty a long time ago.  It show cased different ways that animals get mistreated.  One of the things the film talked about was that keeping animals confined and unable to move had profound effects on their health and personalities.

By simply kept in cages where they had little room to move, these animals were more sick and sickly looking than others that were allowed to move and play.  In fact, these animals flat out looked awful.  They moved like they were in pain and they had a dullness in their eyes.


Sound like anyone you know?

You see, people who watch more TV are going to be less active.  Unless they’re running or doing jumping jacks while they’re connected to the boob tube, there’s no other way around it.  Watching TV involves sitting and being stagnant. 


We all have muscles that are designed to let us make thousands of movements, but sadly, we often let certain muscles deteriorate, weaken and become virtually ineffective.  We sit in postures all day that cause incredible amounts of damage within our bodies.  And now there’s this evidence that only does being inactive break your body down, but it can also cut your life short.

When you compare that with the countless studies that have shown that living an active lifestyle can drastically increase life expectancy, it becomes difficult to argue with the fact that simply moving more is pretty important.

I’m not saying that just getting up and going for a walk will get you into incredible shape.  But I am saying that simply making the decision to move more and live more in accordance with the way you were designed to live can have a profound impact on the way you feel, sleep, your mood as well as how long your feet get to plod around on this earth.

So, turn off the TV and get your butt moving!  Besides is their anything on TV that’s more interesting than living?