Here’s What’s Coming Up

Hello from Texas everyone!  I’ve been spending the last several days visiting with family, eating food, swimming in the pool, watching the Astro’s get crushed and in general-relaxing.  However, even though I’m “on vacation” I find it’s pretty much impossible for me to completely shut my mind off from training.  I guess that’s what happens when you love your job, huh?

Part of the reason I’ve been finding it so difficult is that I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up in the very near future.  So instead of putting a whole lot of thought into a post (yes, I actually put thought into these) I thought I would take it easy on myself and give you a little “what’s to come” for Michael Gray Fitness.

First off, I have another article submitted to EliteFTS.  They published my first article back in May and I received some great feedback on it.  I’m thinking this new one should be published within the next 3-4 weeks so be looking for that.

Second, when I get back, I will be interviewing Tony Gentilcore for the blog.  To say I’m excited about this would definitely be an understatement.  Tony has been a bit of a mentor to me-offering me a ton of advice and guidance, all while expecting nothing in return.  He is a stand-up guy and one of the smartest and funniest trainers in the industry.  It’s going to be a great interview and I think you will all really enjoy it.

Finally, I am currently working on a guest post for one someone who I may or may have not already mentioned in this post.  It’s going to be on some of the ways I program for fat-loss with my clients, and I’m hoping that it will bring some unique thoughts to the table.  (I just might pee my pants when this goes up.)

Also, remember that this is the last week for you to enter in the “free personal training” contest.  I’ve already received several great entries, and picking the winner will not be an easy decision.  Be sure and go to my contact page and let me know why you, or someone you know is deserving of getting two months of free personal training with me.  This is available for both in-person training and online, so don’t think that where you live prohibits you from entering, or nominating someone.

That’s all for today.  I’m off to do my best impersonation of this guy:



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