Who Wants Some Free Personal Training?

I realize that the title above this post reeks of being “sales-pitch-y”, but let me first make it very clear that it’s not-in any way, shape or form.

I have had great success with a lot of my clients, and while I believe that they are the ones doing all the hard work and committing themselves to overhauling their nutritional, exercise and lifestyle habits, it is not uncommon for clients who have made amazing gains to thank me over and over for my help in transforming their bodies.  People respond to their success in many different ways-some cry, some give me great big hugs, others have written me bonus checks or brought me delicious home-cooked meals.  All are completely unnecessary, but greatly appreciated.

However, a month or so ago, I had a former client contact me with a very unique way to say thank you.  Essentially, she wanted to pay it forward.  She told me that she was so happy with her results, that she would like to pay for a month of training for someone else, so they could experience the same benefits of training with me.

I have to say, I thought that was about as sweet as a bottle of awesome sauce.

It was so awesome in fact that I got caught up in the spirit of her generosity and decided that I would throw in a free month as well.

We talked a little bit and decided it would be fun to make it a bit of a “contest” to figure out who would get it.  You know, make you crazy kids work for it a little bit.

So here’s the deal-whoever wins gets two free months of training with me.  There’s no catch.  No up-sell.  No gimmick in any way.  It is 100% free…all you have to do is work your butt off for the two months.  This is open for training with me in person as well as online training.  So it doesn’t matter if you live in the same town, state or even country as me.

But first a few rules:

If you enter, you must:

-Be 18 years of age or older

-Be a resident of planet Earth

-Be able to complete the training between the months of August and December of this year.

-Be willing to do before and after photos.

-If you’re interested in online training, you must have the capabilities to shoot videos and email them to me for assessment and form critique purposes.

-Be willing to give 100% to the entire two months.  I’ve already decided that if whoever wins the training isn’t giving the program their full effort, we wont continue.  In my opinion, with this being a great opportunity for someone, I’m not going to waste time with someone who doesn’t appreciate the nature of this opportunity.  I’ll simply revisit all entries and pick someone new.

So here’s how you enter-simply go to my contact page and tell me why you should be the one to win the training.  Make me laugh, make me cry…I don’t care, just try to convince me as to why it should be you!

I’ll be accepting “applications” from now until the 12th of August.  That gives you two weeks to enter, pass along the opportunity to friends and family members, spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.  Basically tell anyone you think might benefit from this.

After the 12th, I’ll review all entries and pick the person that I feel is most deserving.

Enter away!


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