To Dog Food, Or Not To Dog Food?

Although I’ve only got a few posts up, it’s been a pretty awesome week here on the blog.  Monday, I put up some some pretty kickin’ before and afters of a client of mine.  Then, on Tuesday, Nia Shanks (one of the countries top trainers) gave an interview, swore a little and left awesome all over the place.  In case you missed either of these posts, be sure and check them out here and here respectively.

Six weeks ago I declared (from the roof tops, no less) that I had two goals I wanted to meet before my wife and I go on vacation next week.  The goals were to get 12 consecutive pull ups and to lose 12 pounds of fat.  The catch was, if I didn’t 100% meet both of these goals,  I would eat an entire can of Alpo dog food…the big can…all of it…and film it……and then post it on here for all of you to enjoy.

Today is D-day.  Either I’ve met my goals or I haven’t.

First, let me start with the good news.

I crushed my fat loss goal.  I started at 195.6 and am currently at 178.0.  I lost a total of 17.6pounds, and 16 of those were fat.  Also, I lost roughly 7% body fat.  To say I’m pleased would be pretty accurate.

However, when it comes to the pull ups…well let me say this, I started being able to do 7 consecutive pull ups and my goal was to get 12.  I’ve never done a high frequency routine to put on pull up numbers, so I had no idea what to expect.  It could have worked great, or it could have left me putting only another pull up or two on my total.

But, I thought that if I really focused, I could pull it off (or pull it up).

Anyway, enough stalling.  The short version is this…I didn’t make it.  As embarrased as I am to admit that…it’s true.  So without further ado, that part you’ve all been waiting for…the video of me eating dog food.


What’s that?…

Over in the distance……

BOOM!!  That’s me nailing 12 pull ups baby!!

No dog food for this hombre!

I’m pretty happy with the results and it feels great to have set a couple of concrete goals with a set timeline and to have met them both.

Here’s what you should take away from this:

First, if you really set your mind to accomplish something, you’ve already given yourself a huge advantage, because you’re much less likely to abandon something you’ve firmly decided on doing.  Second, if you make your goals public, even if it’s just with a few friends, you have a much higher level of accountability, thus making you much more likely to give it everything you’ve got to make sure you complete those goals.  And third, if the prospect of eating a can of nasty dog food doesn’t motivate you to meet your goals…I’m not sure what will.

I’ll be on vacation most of next week.  Eating lots of food, taking lots of naps and enjoying a few well earned days off.  Try not to miss me too much!


6 thoughts on “To Dog Food, Or Not To Dog Food?

    • @mr-Not sure, I’m going to figure that out over vacation : )
      @Sarah-You’re probably right, I maybe could have got another 1-2, but they certainly wouldn’t have been pretty! And thanks!

  1. Way to go! Your last pull-up looked a lot easier to whip out than my last pull-up ever is. I’m wondering if maybe you had another one in there. Seriously! I bet you could. While, being truthful, I’m STILL not sorry I didn’t make goals with the commitment to eat dog food if I didn’t succeed, I’m still really impressed and inspired by your example of hard work and dedication! Have an awesome vacation!

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