Fantastic Before And Afters!

This week is going to be a busy week here on the blog.  Today we’ve got some awesome before and afters.  Tomorrow we’ve got a great interview with one of the top trainers in the country, and at the end of the week-either a blog of me meeting my goals, or a blog of me eating some dog food because I didn’t meet those goals.

Trust me you want to stay tuned in this week!

I’ve been working with a female client for the last three months.  As she mentions in her testimonial, she’s a 41 year old, working mother of 4.  So yeah…you could say she’s busy.  

First a few stats and then her testimonial.

(Oh and be sure to leave a comment telling her how awesome she is for not resigning herself to having a “mom” body, but for fighting against the grain and absolutely killing it!)

Over the course of three months this client lost a total of 11″ and 17 pounds.  She also dropped 6.5% body fat, got A TON stronger and more confident.  She even told me last week that she feels like a new person.  And that my friends is something worth celebrating.

I am 41 years old with four amazing kids who are all old enough that I can’t blame my ‘out of shapeness’ on their baby years anymore.  I have exercised over the years and maintained a generally decent weight and shape but I realized after turning 40 that things that had worked before no longer worked. It was like my metabolism had bottomed out and not matter how much P90X, Zumba or Jillian Michaels I did, nothing made much of a difference.  I honestly had begun to resign myself to the fact that I was going to walk the path of most of my family line…gain about 5 pounds a year until I was very overweight and dealing with health issues (heart disease and diabetes both run in my family).  This was not the ‘me’ I wanted.

“I began working out with Michael about three months ago.  It was a very hard first day to come into the gym.  First of all, I had never worked out in a gym before.  The environment itself intimidated me with all its machines (none of which I knew how to use) and mirrors everywhere.  As we went through the process of initial evaluation I had to keep telling myself ‘this is just a starting point’.  I had never really done much in the way of weight training (just some poorly formed P90X) and quite honestly I felt weak not just physically but emotionally.  Michael was very patient to not assume I knew things and fully explained each move to me.  I learned how to do things the correct and effective way.  He coached and encouraged me.  While he always challenged me to more, he never yelled and he always listened to how I was feeling.

It is now three months later and not to sound like a cliché but I feel like a new person.  I feel stronger than I ever have in my whole life…literally.  I have muscle and definition that I have never had.  I have energy and new strength.  The only clothes I cannot wear in my closet anymore are those that are too big for me.  But the changes are not only in my physical body…they branch out into every area of my life.  I just feel better about myself.  I pushed through some pretty tough workouts and I lifted some pretty heavy weights.  I accomplished things that I never knew I could and that knowledge gives me a strength that is not just physical.

My advice to you if you find yourself in the same position I was in…call Michael.  Just do it.  Go get some workout clothes that you can feel decent in and dive in.  Don’t cheat yourself by cheating the program. Do everything he tells you to do in diet and exercise.  Give it all you’ve got and have no regrets.  You will be amazed at the change.  Oh and by the way, I did all this with a family of six, a full time job, a home to keep up and a great deal of personal stress going on in our family.  You can do this and you are worth it.”

Hard work and consistency always pay off.  Nice work!

Give this client some love and share her hard work and accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter!


5 thoughts on “Fantastic Before And Afters!

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  2. AWESOME, AWESOME!! Great job girl, you totally ROCKED it!! I am freshly inspired to keep working for my own “Before and Afters”.

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