Fat Loss Tips (Part 1)

I hope you all had a fun and safe 4th yesterday and that you all were able to enjoy some good food and good company.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been on a bit of a fat loss kick here on the blog, mainly due to the fact that I’m in a fat loss phase myself and it’s on my mind quite a bit.  This morning I have three quick, easy tips to aid you in your quest for fat loss.

1. Work with a few meals

One of the easiest ways to shoot yourself in the foot with fat loss is to over think things.  This most commonly happens in the food department.  People don’t have any kind of plan of what they’re going to eat and in turn don’t take anything with them to work and wind up eating either fatty, greasy crap or nothing at all instead of something that is going to help move them towads their goals.

The way that I’m working against this is by having only a few meals that I eat over and over.  This takes all the thinking out of what I’m going to make as well as what I need form the grocery store.  It also gives you the opportunity to make a ton of food at once and save yourself a lot of time through out the rest of the week.  Yes, eating the same thing day after day can get a bit old, but I promise you it’s worth it when you can stroll down the beach with a six pack.

2.  Take advantage of NEPA.

NEPA stands for non-exercise physical activity.  This means you should do things like go for a walk, play with your kids in the park, ride your bike.  Increasing your activity level in non-exercise related ways provides you with an opportunity to burn additional calories without the need to recover from your expenditure.  In other words, it helps you get leaner without wearing you out.

As often as you can, be active.  If you find yourself sitting around watching TV, get up and go outside.  This simple action, done regularly, can have a profound impact on your physique when trying to lose body fat.

3. Cut your grain intake

Grains are a hotly debated topic right now, however I would argue that anyone who is offering any advice in the fitness industry should know that grains are not necessary for a healthy diet, do a good job of helping people stay fat and are highly irritating to a good majority of the population. 

I’m not saying that grains are the devil and you should never eat them, but what I am saying is that if you’re serious about getting to a significant lower body fat percentage, you should cut the amount of grains you are taking in considerably, if not completely. I wont go into all the science behind this right now, however if there is an interest from readers, let me know and I’ll post a blog on the rational behind it.

So there you have it, three easy ways to take you to the next level of “leanness”.  I’ll post a few more tips in the next few days.

Feel free to chime in with your own tips to lose body fat in the comments section, and as always feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter.


5 thoughts on “Fat Loss Tips (Part 1)

  1. Bread is honestly one of my favorite things to eat. But what I’m hearing you say is that if I take it completely out of my diet it will help me lose body fat? It sounds simple, but I somehow don’t think it will be that easy. HELP!!!

    • Grace, in conjunction with a healthy diet consisting of whole foods, a caloric deficit and good training, yes cutting breads and other grains by quite a bit can absolutely help you lose body fat. If someone is inactive and has a poor diet, but simply cuts out breads to try and drop body fat, the results will most likely be less than spectacular. And yes, it is definitely tough, but doable. : )

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  3. I thought you should know that I’m really liking these posts! Your fat loss blog series is going great, Mike! After my last baby (Lainey) I lost 45 pounds- slowly and probably would have done so much more efficiently by lifting more weight at the time. I was scared of heavy weights with my hip and knee problems and took my time doing more calisthenics and aerobic stuff. (Lesson learned.) It took me a little over a year. But so far every dietary tip you’re giving is something I stumbled across on my own at the time and found a lot of success with. I know it’s all sound advice. I was trying to think of any more I could add from my experience that might be useful.

    One thing that I struggled with was portion size. Counting calories is important, but sometimes situations arose where calorie counting wasn’t an option or wasn’t enough. Even a healthy BBQ social- kabobs, a veggie tray, and fruit salad can still go wrong when we eat too much of it! I usually ate smaller portions and more of them but sometimes, on certain occasions, my eyes were just plain bigger than my stomach. I’d dish up more than I needed and scarf my food too fast. I’d end up FEELING too full- and full of more than an ideal amount of calories. If I drank water before eating it would affect the stomach acid so I didn’t digest well and felt bloated long after. If I drank water here and there throughout the meal I’d swallow a lot of air in the process and feel gassy. And if I waited until the meal was done, chances were I’d have eaten too much- thinking the space remaining in my stomach was for more food and I’d be too full to have a healthy portion of water afterward.

    SO. In way too many words, I found that if I ate HALF my meal, then drank 8 oz. of water all at once, I’d be better prepared to gauge my hunger in the last half of the meal. It’s surprising how much we think we can eat that we don’t feel a need to eat at all after drinking that water. And it’s been the best way for me to comfortably get enough water with a meal. It’s especially helpful when eating at a pool party in a swim suit or a nice date in a form fitting dress where the last thing I want is to look bloated or full of too much food. And it always keeps me eating moderate portions.

    Another thing I thought I’d mention that I found helpful was a vision board. I cut out pictures of fit women out of fitness magazines and Athleta catalogs, and motivating words or phrases and pasted them to a small poster. I put it on my treadmill when I ran miserable sprints to keep me going. I put it in the bathroom mirror when I got ready for the day so I spent less time criticizing my “mommy figure” and more time being positive about my goals. I think a person can get too obsessed about how they look or want to look, so I wouldn’t recommend taking it to work or sleeping next to it or anything, but it helps here and there 🙂

    And the last, was a little quote I liked to repeat whenever temptations came my way, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Maybe “fit” is a better word. Anyway, there’s my thoughts. Thanks for great posts.

    • Sarah, I’m glad that you’re enjoying the posts. Thanks for your additional insights and tips. You make a great point with over-eating. Calories still matter and if someone is stuffing their face with good, clean foods, they can still have trouble losing weight. Thanks for chiming in!

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