How Can The Boy Scouts Help You Get Lean?

It happened this morning.  Two and a half weeks into this dieting thing I’ve been doing, and I was ready to throw in the towel.  Something was calling my name.  It was big and greasy and full of nasty deliciousness.  No, it wasn’t Spaceballs Pizza The Hut.

It was this:

An Extreme Sausage Sandwich from Jack In The Box.  I’ll admit, I love these things.  They’re terrible for you, but I love them anyway.

I could almost taste one this morning.  I had a half an hour between sessions, enough time to drive to JITB, order, eat, feel guilty and get back for my next session.

Fortunately, this didn’t become my reality.  I had a card to play that saved me from diving face first into a bun filled with sausage and cheesy goodness.

I had taken a page out of the Boy Scouts play book:

Be prepared.

This simple two word motto carries  a lot of responsibility, unlike the Boy Scouts female counterparts motto, which is “Our Cookies Are Better Than Anything You Could Ever Make And That’s Why You’re Going To Buy 10 Boxes.”*

Be prepared. 

That means you have to plan ahead. It means you have to do a little thinking ahead.  If you’re going to be prepared, you don’t get to wing it and hope the best happens.  You take responsibility for what happens in the future by taking action in the present.  (You should read that sentence again as I think it’s one of the more profound things I’ve ever said.  Plus, it’s underlined so it must be important right?)

So what does this have to do with my almost collapse into a fast food coma?

What prevented me from going there was this simple fact: I was prepared.

I knew that in my refrigerator at work, I had a great, healthy breakfast ready ready for me to eat.  I had spent time the night before getting it ready.  It was full of healthy proteins, fats and carbs and would be a meal that would move me closer to my goals rather than away from them.

Trust me, I had to repeat the above sentences to myself two or three times before I decided that going with my already made breakfast was the best option.

But what if I hadn’t prepared anything?  I can guarantee that my belly would be full of the aforementioned gut-bomb.

Be honest, you’ve been there too.  You’re trying to eat well, it’s clicking along nicely, then out of nowhere, you’re craving horrible nasty, greasy food.  And you cave.  Then you’re kicking yourself for it, sometimes as you’re still shoving it your face.

We’ve all been there.

That’s why being prepared is so important.  It doesn’t take away those moments where you want to cave, but it means when those moments come, you have an alternative to eat.  And that can make the difference between a diet that pays off and one that leaves you frustrated.

Plan ahead.

Be prepared.

Make meals the day before.

Make sure you have all the groceries to make the meals you’re planning on making.  (You’d be surprised at how often people overlook this piece.)

These simple steps can have a profound impact on the outcome of your efforts when trying to get lean.  Time and time again this proves to be true: The clients I have that will do the work to plan ahead are the ones who drop the body fat that they’re wanting to.  Those that don’t wind up stuffing chesseburgers down their throats.

Now, who do you think is happier with their results?

*This statement is completely untrue, and in no way implicates the authors true feelings towards the Girl Scouts.  But seriously, why do your cookies have to be so good that I want to eat an entire box in one sitting?!?!

(As I said I would, here is a friendly reminder to pass this blog along to friends or share on Facebook if you’ve felt it worthwhile.  Thanks for the support!)


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