The Resulsts Are In!

As many of you know, last week I put up some polls and asked you all to take a moment and give me some feedback on who you are, what you like about the blog, etc.  This was all in an effort to give me a clear picture of who exactly is reading my blog, what you, as readers, want to read more of  as well as how to gear the blog more towards your interests.  All of the feedback was nothing less than very helpful and I want to say thanks to everyone who participated!

Also, a few of you took the opportunity to give me some additional feedback through my contact page on how much you enjoy the blog and how helpful it has been to you in your fitness efforts.  Let me just say that unsolicited comments like that are incredibly nice to get and always appreciated!

I thought you might be interested  in a breakdown of the results.  So, after 395 votes cast, here they are in a fun list-y format:

-Almost 70% of readers are female, whic leaves a 30ish% of you to be male.

-As far as age goes, 47% are between the ages of 30-39, 28% between 20-29, and 22% between 40-49.

-84% of readers read either daily or 2-3 times a week.  (I now realize this questions wasn’t worded well considering I usually post 3-4 times a week, there could definitely be some overlap in these two answers.)

-Most readers visit the site for both educational and entertainment purposes.  One of you has a “crush” on me and another thinks I’m “hot”.  I have my suspicions as to who these two pranksters are……

-Most readers (44%) get to the site through Facebook, while 40% get to it via email subscription (which you can do at the top right of the page).

-As far as for what types of posts you all like the most (this one was probably the most interesting to me), in first place were ones that revolved around food/dietary focused content.  In second place were my little fits that I throw (rants) and in third place there was a tie for video demonstrations and the clients of Gray Fitness getting highlighted.

I will make an effort to gear more posts around those topics.

-75%of you will read a post even if it’s longer than usual.  I’m really happy about this one.  I try really hard to keep posts from being too long, but the truth is sometimes is just too difficult.  The posts that are longer are usually the ones that have the most beneficial content to you and your fitness pursuits and I’m just not willing to water it down.  So thanks for hanging with me when I’m long winded!

As for the 25% who don’t read a post if it’s a bit lengthy, they probably didn’t get this far.

-Again, 75% of you have recommended the site to a friend.  And again, thanks!

-Here’s another one that was pretty interesting.  In response to what would make readers more likely to share the site through Facebook of email, the majority vote (37%) said you don’t like to share links on Facebook of forward things to your friends.

I was surprised this was the top answer, but I get it.  However, I will say this, I don’t think people mind getting a forwarded email that contains good information for them, especially on health related matters.  What they hate getting forwarded to them is requests from the president of Kenya asking for money, or ones that say “If you don’t forward this to at least 10 of your friends you’re not an American!”

29% percent said that reminders to share would be helpful, so I will try to remember to put those in a little more frequently.

Also, a few of you commented that you alredy do share it.  You rock!  And one of you would share it if I “took my shirt off”……

-Most importantly “turkey sub” beat out “yes” by a whopping 10%.  I knew turkey sub could do it.

That’s it folks.  Again, thank you sooooo much for taking the time to give me feedback as well as for being a faithful reader on the site.  It means a ton to know that people enjoy reading what I have to say.




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