Things have been up and running here at since last August.  I’d like to think that content, quality and entertainment value have all improved since then, and that the huge increase of subscriptions and views since then are indicative of that.

However, I guess that might not be the case.

In an effort to continue to provide good content as well as content that you actually care about, and to help me improve the site and make it more reader friendly, I’ve come up with a few (9.5 to be exact) questions to help me make the site even better.

It will take literally less than two minutes of your time and would be a huge help to me in making the site better, stronger and even more of a voice in the fitness community.

A couple things you need to know: most of the questions allow for multiple answers as well as “other” answers, so feel free to take advantage of those.  Also, if you get this in your email, I believe that you will have to visit the site to vote.  You can do so here.

As an avid reader, I take your thoughts and input seriously and sincerely appreciate you taking the time to help me out!

Thanks and answer away!