The Best Way To Lose Body Fat

I had the pleasure of getting to celebrate my first Father’s Day this weekend.  Let me tell you it was pretty cool, and very surreal, to be doing so.  While I don’t ever forget that I’m a father, I’m still getting used to the idea that I actually am one.

On Saturday, Kat, Lila and I headed to Boise to the Farmer’s Market and had a great time, despite the rain.  Saturday was a designated cheat day for me, and let me tell you, after the last week of being insanely strict on my diet….it was glorious.

That’s right……glorious.

Let’s be honest, the most common reason people come to me is to lose body fat.  Yes, I’ve worked with athletes and dudes that want to get bigger, but a vast majority of people come to me (to be blunt) to look better naked.  I’ve had great results with a ton of my clients and been fortunate to be a part of some amazing body transformations.

However, I’ve also had people that have made less than optimal progress and have been disappointed with their results.

So what gives?

Did I give those who had great success some insider tips and tricks that I help back from the others?

Did I not put my best foot forward with them?

The answer to both of those is a resounding “no”.

The common denominator between those who have had great success is that they did everything I asked of them.  They followed my programs exactly and gave them 100% of their efforts.  They also followed my nutritional plan for them, to a “T”. 

Those who were somewhat disappointed also have a common denominator-they regularly fudged, cheated, slacked off, and flat out didn’t follow the plan.

They come in with excuses like, “It was a birthday party, so I had to have cake”, or “The cookies were small, so even though I had five it was like one normal cookie”, or even “but the pizza was thin crust.”

They weren’t following the plan.

Yes, it can be challenging.  Yes, it can suck at times.  I completely understand all of that.

This last Friday my family got together to celebrate Father’s Day.  For dessert, there were homemade chocolate chip cookies-something I love.

Even though my mouth watered at the sight of them and I was surrounded by people who were enjoying cookie after cookie, I didn’t have a single bite.  IT wasn’t fun or enjoyable to do that, so why did I?

Because it wasn’t part of the plan.

The next day was my designated cheat day, and it would have been easy to tell myself  “what’s the difference? I can eat whatever I want tomorrow, so why not start a little early and have a few cookies.”

While there is probably a lot of good logic to this thought, and having a few cookies on the eve of my designated cheat day would have probably done minimal damage, it wasn’t part of the plan.  And if it’s not part of the plan, you shouldn’t do it.

Here’s why: Yes there is a calorie factor to all of this.  If someone is eating too much junk or sweets on a fat loss program, they’re going to have unsatisfactory results.  But there is also a psychological element that comes in to play that I would argue is just as important to keep in check.

Sticking to a fat loss dietary plan can be challenging on its own, but when someone starts to justify minor deviations from the plan, their mindset shifts to be more tolerant of more deviations.  Pretty soon, the norm looks very different from the original plan.  In fact, often times the norm looks like what the individual used to eat before they came to see me.

It doesn’t make much sense does it?

So to finally get to the point of this post, here is the best way to lose body fat:

Have a good plan and stick to it.

No excuses.  No “but it was only’s”.  Actually stick to it.

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you set out to lose weight, only to find yourself back where you started in a few weeks?  What if you had actually followed the plan, and made no deviations?  Where would you be now?



2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Lose Body Fat

  1. You’re so right Mike! We all want to look better naked lol. When I was living in VA a few yrs ago I was involved in a grueling weight loss program. It was very effective because for the first time in my life I was following the plan. No cheating, no excuses. I just followed the plan & it worked! Imagine that 😉 Needless to say I had some domestic issues & shortly thereafter became pregnant with Buggie so that threw me off track BUT as long as I followed the plan my dr & I set up, I was seeing (& feeling) amazing results :). Very good insight. Thanks for sharing! -Nichole

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