10 Diet And Exercise Myths

This morning, on Yahoo, I saw an article titled “10 Diet And Exercise Myths That Pack On Pounds“.  I have to admit, my first reaction was, “oh great, here we go.”

I expected the article to espouse falsehoods such as “use weights that you can lift 15-a million times” or, “running on a treadmill for an hour is the best way to get a lean body”.

However, the article surprised me.

It was actually full of some pretty solid info that is counter to some popular thoughts in the fitness world.

Thoughts like:

-Lifting weights will make me bulky and look like a man

-You shouldn’t even think about eating food after 6:00pm or your hips will gain three inches

-After 40, weight gain is just inevitable so that’s why I can stuff my face with bagels, cookies and Twinkies…because it’s inevitable

While I think the title may be a bit inaccurate (no, just drinking more water isn’t going to help fat fall off your body, but it wont pack on pounds either) be sure and check the article out, I think its definitely worth a read and does a great job of providing some sound reason as to why these myths need to be put to bed…for good.


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