Less Time Wasted=Better Results

I think it’s funny that most of the guys in here spend more time playing with their iPods or checking their phones then they do actually working out.

This is a completely unsolicited, unprovoked statement from a client of mine.  We weren’t talking about anything related to this at all.  In fact we were just walking from one part of the gym to the other when she made this observation.

She may not have known this, but she hit the nail smack dab on the head.

When you spend 10-14 hours a day in a gym, you tend to notice some common trends.  And one of the most common is this:

People waste a lot of time

Whether it’s chatting it up at the water fountain, flexing in the mirror between every…single… set, wandering around aimless trying to decide what to do next, or checking your text messages every three minutes, a lot of time gets spent doing things that are completely unproductive.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people complain about the lack of results they’re getting, but then I’ll see them standing around talking to someone for 15 minutes…and I’m not exaggerating.

Some people treat the gym like it’s a social club, or like they’re at home and they just happen to be getting in a few sets between watching Sports Center and making phone calls.  If that’s your goal, fine, but don’t be surprised when your body doesn’t look any different in a year.

However, if you’re one of those people who actually wants to get stronger and leaner, maximizing your time is in your best interest for two main reasons.

First, the less time you waste, the more work you get done, the more calories you burn, the more you sweat, the better you feel, etc.

Second, going into a training session with the mentality that you’re not going to waste any time completely changes your approach to your session.  If you go in planning to make every second of your session purposeful, I guarantee you’ll have a increased intensity and feel like you accomplished a ton more then if you don’t.

I’ll be honest, when I’m training, I don’t want to be interrupted.  In fact, it really kind of ticks me off to be interrupted.  I don’t want to chat. I don’t want to help anyone solve their nutritional issues.  I just want to train.  So I turn my iPod up very loud and try to avoid eye contact.  I’m not doing this to be a jerk or anti-social, but rather to keep myself focused on the task at hand.

So what about you?

Are you maximizing the time you have or are you wasting time in the gym?

Are you less focused then you could or should be?

If so, do what you need to to get focused and to maximize your time.  You’ll feel and look better because of it.


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