Great Before and After Pics! (It’s a dude this time)

For whatever reason, a majority of my clients, as well as readers of the blog, tend to be female.  I like to think it’s due to my dashing good looks and how incredibly humble I am.  (It’s one of the best thing about me.)  More realistically, it’s probably due to a variety of other reasons, but I’m going to hold on to my delusion.  Couple that with the fact that I believe women kind of get thrown under the bus with crappy fitness information and crappy images of what “healthy” is supposed to look like, and I find myself more passionate about trying to get out a clear, healthy message to women.  That being said, I tend to gear things a bit more towards my female readership, than my male readership. 

However, I do have some faithful male readership as well as quite a few male clients who have got some great results.

Here’s some before and after pics of a 12 week client of mine who absolutely rocked it, and coincidentally is over 40 years old.  You know, that age when people start to accept their aches and pains, and say “this is just the way it is”.  But before we get to the pics, a few things you should take notice of and his kind words about working with me.

The boring stuff:

-Notice the elevation in his right hip in the before pics.  It’s most notable in the rear shot.  His left knee is lower than the right due to dysfunction in the hips.  This is gone in the after pics.

-In the side shot, there is a HUGE difference in this clients posture.  In the before pic, his shoulders are rounded, chest is sunken and his pelvis has an anterior (forward) tilt.  In the after, his upper back and shoulders are pulled back, chest is out and hips are much more aligned.

The non-boring stuff:

-Waaaayyy more muscle on his frame.

-A ton more definition, which means he’s carrying less body fat.

-This guy completely walks different now.  He is much thicker and dense and his awesomeness multiplied by at least 200%…possibly 250%.

Here are the kind words:

What Michael helped me accomplish in 12 weeks completely amazed me.  I am very pleased with the outward results of training with him, but it is the stuff you can’t see that also thrills me.  I was dealing with lower back, neck and wrist issues, all of which are improved…most noticeably the strength in my back and the significant reduction in pain in my wrists.  His recipe is pretty straightforward, work hard and eat healthy…both of which he taught me how to do properly.  And, we got  these results all while having a good time.  Michael doesn’t scream or yell, but he does motivate.  If you are ready to see some results in your own life, I would say that Michael is the right man for the job.

Here some inspiration for the guys, and some eye candy for the ladies.  Yup, I said it.

Nice work!

For more information on training with me, feel free to contact me through the contact page.


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