An Interview With Fitness Author (and one fit momma) Kellie Davis

Today’s post is a special treat (don’t worry it’s low calorie).  I contacted Kellie Davis a few weeks ago and talked her into doing an interview with me for the site.  Kellie is a figure athlete, freelance writer, and developer of (an awesome site you should visit regularly).  But first and foremost, she is wife and a mother of two, who knows the challenges of balancing work, family and staying in amazing shape, because she does it every day.  With a 275 lb deadlift, Kellie is showing women everywhere that they can be strong AND feminine. Her website is a place where women can share the joys and frustrations of this balancing act as well as a place where she dispenses some great information, which is always followed with insightful discussion with her followers.  I think you will find her nothing less than inspiring.  Let’s get to the interview!

MG: Hi Kellie, thanks for agreeing to do this interview!  I’m really excited to have you on the blog, and I know that my readers will benefit from what you have to say. Why don’t you give us a little bit of your training/fitness history.

KD: Thank you for the interview, Michael. I’m excited to share with your readers and enjoy learning about your amazing female body transformations. Very impressive.

Ah, where to begin? I was your typical over-achieving athlete growing up. I always pushed myself to excel at any and every sport, but didn’t persue sports in college. That’s when I found the weight room.

The problem was I didn’t know a thing about nutrition. The mentality of eating whatever I want and not gaining a pound worked well until my second child. At age 27, I found myself in a high-risk pregnancy and my son was born 1 month early.

Little did I know the causes likely had much to do with my lifestyle. Nutrition plays an integral role in every aspect of life, so even if I ‘looked’ good on the outside, my body was screaming for nutrients.

After my son was born, I felt fat and unhappy. I thought I was stuck with my new body forever and I hid beneath frumpy clothes. This went on for a good two years until I finally had enough.

I wanted my body back, but new it wasn’t going to happen over night. I began training hard and the weight started coming off. Over the course of 2 years I started getting in even better shape than I was prior to having children.

Of course, this all came with much trial and error. My son is now 5 and I am in the best health of my life. In fact, I don’t even think about being in shape. It’s all about nourishing my body from the inside out. The great body is just a bonus.

I’ve competed in 3 figure shows and am 4 weeks out from my 4th, but I never consider myself a competitor. It’s just a reward for all my hard work. My lifestyle doesn’t veer much whether I’m doing a show or not and I don’t believe in being in or out of season.

MG: I think it’s important that you mentioned “over the course of 2 years”.  So often people think getting fit is a matter of a month or two of work and then they can slack off again.  So, how did Mother Fitness come about?

KD: When I started competing I looked for ways to connect with other women in the sport. I became very active in a few forums and started writing articles for the sites on which the forums were hosted.

This blossomed into Mother Fitness after receiving much praise and inspiration from my online community. I wanted other women to hear my story and to understand that you can and WILL be the healthiest you’ve ever been no matter where you are in life.

Where it started and where it is now still gives me goose bumps. I just wanted to write great articles. I now have thousands of visitors a week and am forever grateful for the amazing community that’s developed from my little vision.

MG: I have to say, I’ve been really impressed with the content on the site and love that there is such a “community” feeling there, and I appreciate you letting me “crash it” even though I’m a dude.  One of my favorite things about the site is your challenge to everyone to find the goddess within.  What’s one of your favorite transformation stories from your readers?

KD: Well, thank you so much. The community on my blog is amazing. And men are always welcome to join in the conversation. My favorite transformation story would have to be Tenecia. I met Tenecia online at Sioux Country and we connected through the Arizona NPC shows. We competed together this past November (in different classes) and she is one of the most true-to-herself women I know. Her dedication is awe-inspiring and she has such an incredible outlook on life. Not to mention the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous. Okay, I mentioned it.

You can follower her blog Boobs, Barbells, and Broccoli and read about her transformation.

She just returned from California where she placed 4th in her class in a very tough competition. I am so incredibly proud of her!

MG: Any current PR’s you’re shooting for?

KD: Right now I am 4 weeks out from a show, so I am more focused on fat loss/ lean mass. But once this show is over I want to take my dead lift to 300, my full back squat to 185, my front squat to 170, and my bench press to 125. Some of those numbers I’m pretty close to while others I have a ways to go.

MG: I saw the video of your 275lb deadlift. Very impressive!  Ok, so you’re trapped on a deserted island, what three books would you want to have with you?

KD: Just three??? You are so cruel. Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin,  Herzog by Saul Bellows, and Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.

MG: How lame am I, I seriously haven’t heard of any of those.  Probably because they have more than 8 words a page and there’s no pictures to color. 

What would you say is the biggest hurdle women have to overcome when it comes to getting strong and lean?

So many hurdles… The largest is not only understanding but KNOWING you can create great change within yourself. You can grow stronger in your lifts. You can develop amazing muscle without the bulk. You can eat well without starvation. You can break your sugar addiction, overcome body image issues, and feel sexy every single day of your life.

It’s all inside of you. You just have to believe in yourself.

I went from weighing 155 pounds at roughly 30% body fat to weighing 127 pounds at roughly 16% body fat within a few years. I took what little knowledge I had about training and grew into a strong powerful woman who can out-lift most men when it comes to lower body strength.

I never in a million years thought I could do it, but I also never gave up trying. Now everyday I strive for greater goals. There is nothing I can’t see myself achieving.

This belief doesn’t happen over night. There were many times I felt immense self-doubt and remorse for my commitment. I have a busy family and a business to run.

It took a lot of effort to stop putting my health on the back burner because as women we are conditioned to meet everyone else’s needs first. But I soon learned that once I started meeting my own needs, everything else fell into place.

My family thrived and we were all much happier.

MG: I run into that all the time with clients.  They feel guilty for taking care of themselves, but fail to realize they would have more energy and be setting great examples for their spouse and kids if they took the time to do so.  

OK, so now, for some reason, there’s a DVD player and a TV on the island.  What three movies do you want with you?

KD: Oh, goodness. I am not one to pick favorite movies. I would have to say Chocolat, Shawshank Redemption, and Fight Club. I’m all over the place with those.

MG: Nice! Shawshank and Fight Club are two of my favorites also.  

Lastly, what’s one thing you wish you could tell every woman about finding their “inner goddess”?

KD: Stop looking at what you don’t have and take ownership of what you DO have. Love who you are and learn to enhance your beauty rather than focusing on the ‘ideal’ you or morph yourself into someone you are not. When you look in the mirror, be real with yourself. Take notice of all the endearing qualities you possess (there are a lot of them, sister. You just gotta learn to give them attention.) 

Know that you are a unique beauty. Don’t ever define yourself as anyone else other than you. Own what you have and take great care of yourself. It’s the only ‘you’ you get, so cherish her. Love her, and be good to her.

MG: Great stuff Kellie!  Thanks again for taking the time to do this interview, and best of luck in your upcoming show!

To read Kellie’s thoughts on everything health, beauty and family related, click here,  or simply click on “Mother Fitness” on my blog roll at the top right of the page.


5 thoughts on “An Interview With Fitness Author (and one fit momma) Kellie Davis

  1. Great interview! Gets me excited about training harder and taking care of myself. Thanks, Kellie & Michael!!

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