A Shift In Focus

After a session the other day, a client and I got to talking about her fat loss progress.  She’s done remarkably well and is super pumped about the way her body has transformed over the last several months.  The interesting thing is that she hasn’t been focused on losing fat.  In fact, she told me that she’s been paying very little attention to her weight and hasn’t been at all concerned with losing pant sizes or dropping inches.

Wait, wait, wait.  You’re telling me that someone wasn’t trying to lose fat, but did it anyway?


Here’s what she did focus on: getting stronger, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and getting good sleep.  That’s it.

It’s interesting isn’t it?  It’s also something I see quite frequently.  People can get very obsessive over things, especially when it comes to weight/fat loss.  Their days are literally made or ruined by the scale or by the way their pants fit.  Think that might create a bit of a stressful situation?

Here’s the thing, when people are trying to lose weight they try to eat healthy, train hard, drink water and get rest because they want to lose weight.  Weight loss is the ultimate (or only) goal for them, not the benefits of any of those other things.  What my client was telling me, and what I’ve seen with many other clients, is that when the goal is to eat healthy, drink plenty of water, etc., solely for the sake of being a healthy individual, weight/fat loss comes along for the ride. 

If you’re only doing those things to “use them” for other means, what happens when you aren’t seeing the progress you want?  You tell yourself it’s not worth it to eat like this and be this disciplined when you’re not seeing the scale move right?  So you stop, because eating right and drinking water was a stupid idea in the first place.  Sound familiar?  The piece that people miss is that doing those other things is making them a much healthier person even if the weight isn’t coming of quickly enough for them.  It’s providing them with nutrients, vitamins, hydration and recovery time.  In short, it’s helping their insides be a little less like a garbage heap and a little more like a human body.  (That comparison isn’t as much of an exaggeration as you may think.)

So here’s my challenge to you:

-Eat lean meats, veggies and fruits because they provide your body with tons of nutrients, and they give you good quality calories to keep your body fueled.

-Drink a ton of water because it keeps your body from becoming dehydrated, stressed and from functioning less than optimally.

-Get stronger because it repairs imbalances in your body and makes you able to live life free of injury.

-Get plenty of sleep because your body needs to repair itself and you’re not a jerk to your co-workers and spouse when you do.

If you do these things for the sake of the benefits they bring to your body, it makes it much easier to stick with them.  Fortunately, it just so happens that fat loss is a natural by-product of a healthy life.

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