Good Reads

To say that there has been some amazing content written this week would be an understatement.  I’ve read several posts by several different people that have been full of great content.  Here are some things that I think you should definitely spend some time reading:

Tony Gentilcore had a great post titled “What’s Your Sentence?“.  Tony also had a guest post by Precision Nutrition coach Jason Bonn on the simplicity that is often over looked as we trouble shoot our lack of progress.

I’ve been frequenting Kellie Davis’ blog titled Mother Fitness quite a bit lately.  I found this entry on how doing copious amounts of crunches can ruin your curves to be pretty interesting. (You all know my disdain for crunches/sit ups.)  In addition, Mother Fitness is a great resource for women on all kinds of topics from fitness to health to beauty.  Definitely worth checking out.

I don’t want to get political or anything, but I think this is important.  The EPA is currently deciding on whether or not to outlaw a commonly used pesticide that is a known carcinogen and neurotoxin, methyl iodide.  It is currently being sprayed on our food and then eaten by ourselves and our children.  This link is to a petition you can sign encouraging the EPA to strongly consider outlawing this toxin.  Go do it now.

That’s it.  Have a good weekend!


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