Great Before And After Pics + A Testimonial (Don’t Miss This!)

Saturday morning I woke up to an e-mail in my inbox.  It was from a client that had just finished training with me over a four month period.  I had asked her if she would be willing to write up a testimonial as well as take a final “after” picture.  There’s really not much for me to say as she says things pretty darn well, and the pictures speak loudly in and of themselves.

I will ask you to take notice of two things in the before and after pics (besides the killer abs).  1. This client was looking to put on several pounds of lean muscle.  This is most noticeable in her legs, which look great.  2.  In the “before” pic, her hips are incredibly misaligned.  In the “after” pic they are much more aligned.  I don’t think it needs to be said, but that is a VERY good thing, for a boat load of reasons.  (That’s right…a whole boat full of reasons.)

Just for fun, I’ve also included some videos of her from a couple of different sessions doing awesome things like deadlifting 200 lbs and doing 11 pull ups.

Here’s her testimonial:

“I came to Michael Gray as a triathlete, hoping to use my training off-season to correct some imbalances in my body and build back strength I’d lost from 3 pregnancies and an abundance of aerobic triathlon training.  Michael came highly recommended by my sister-in-law who had seen great success in both weight loss and strength building while working with him.

Michael immediately proved to understand a great deal about mobility and balance in the body.  As well as how to build strength quickly and efficiently.  He tailored my workouts for ME with MY goals in mind.  And he worked with my own athletic endeavors/sport that I did on the side.  I loved that after every workout, the areas “feeling it” most were the ones I had asked him to focus on initially.  His approach keeps sessions fun and interesting; a broad variety of no-nonsense, compound, effective exercises, and a good sense of humor.

Michael takes pride in each of his clients.  I chose to train in a group with two other women, each of us with completely different bodies, completely different goals, and thus very different routines.  He made each of us feel his genuine concern for our progress and individual successes.  He is passionate about his role as a trainer.  When he’s not training, he’s researching new and efficient ways to give his clients results.

I would highly recommend Michael Gray to anyone serious about getting results and achieving their goals.  I am floored with my results and the things I’ve accomplished!   You get what you ask for with Michael Gray!”

Deadlift PR: 200 lbs.

11 Pullups.

Before and Afters:

Not too shabby huh? Nice work!

For more info on training with me, feel free to contact me on the contact page or read here.

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