Two videos worth watching

I have to admit, my brain is functioning at about 50% this morning.  It’s been a long week and I could really use a nap.  (Yes I realize it’s only 9:00am, but I could still use a nap OK.)  Taking into account the fact that putting together a well thought out blog is a task I’m not up to taking on at this point, I thought I would share with you two videos that I thought were pretty awesome.

The first is of Benedikt Magnusson breaking the world record for the deadlift.  1,015 lbs.  Right off the ground….yeah……

This one is a promo video for the Tempest Freerunning Academy.  If you’re unfamiliar with freerunning (or parkour), let’s just say these dudes aren’t exactly un-athletic.

Have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “Two videos worth watching

  1. I youtube parkour athletes when I need extra motivation to workout. If they can do THAT, I can go do some pullups and run some sprints 🙂 Seriously, that stuff is amazing.

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