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This blog has been a recurring one, featuring women I train who have decided that being awesome is better than being not awesome, and that being awesome includes being both strong and feminine.  (Yes, the two of them can coexist together quite nicely.)

For those of you who don’t know, my wife, Kat, is pregnant and within 5 weeks of her due date.  From what we’ve observed and from people we’ve talked to, it seems that the common trend during pregnancy is to take it easy, “eat for two” and just rest.  Unfortunately, most pregnant women have horrible back and leg pain, can’t sleep very well and generally live in quite a bit of discomfort.  Some people chalk it up to the fact that their bodies are going through massive changes (physically, emotionally and hormonally).  I would whole heartedly agree with this.  However, I would argue (as would Kat) that simply giving in to those changes without putting up a fight makes them much more difficult to deal with.

Obviously, during her pregnancy, her goals have been changed from what they were previously, and so has the way that she trains.  She’s not doing 155lb deadlifts, or any sled pushing, but she is getting a great training effect despite her limitations.  We focus on continuing to strengthen as well as do a ton of work on her mobility.  The funny thing is that she’s noticed that when she doesn’t hit the gym for four or five days, she feels much worse, she doesn’t sleep well and her back kills her.  However, when she stays consistent with it, the opposite of all those things are true.  (It’s almost like they are related to one another…weird.)

Here are a couple videos from her session yesterday (8 months pregnant):

(I should note that I understand that everyone is different, and that yes there are times when people need to rest during pregnancy for medical reasons.  This is a commentary on one specific case and not a judgement on every women who has ever been pregnant.  Glad we cleared that up.)

In a time in her life when it would be easy to fall into a rut of being less mobile and losing strength, she has chose to spend a couple days a week maintaining her strength and mobility, doing yoga 1-2 days a week and keeping active with simple activities like going for a walk with her incredibly good looking husband (or so I hear).  Plus, many studies have shown that staying in shape during pregnancy makes labor a much easier task.

On top of that, I seriously can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell her that she looks like every pregnant woman wants to look-a cute pregnant belly with a fit body to boot.  Think that might have something to do with the fact that she has continued to train?  Absolutely!

Nice job Kat!