Everybody doesn’t have ONE body

First off, thanks to those of you who gave me some ideas for my new “101” blog series.  If you haven’t read my post on this new series, you can do so here.  Be sure to leave any ideas you have for future “101” posts in the comments section or get them to me through my contact page.

Sometimes a picture can pretty much sum things up.

That’s todays post.  I saw a link over on Bret Contreras’ Page and felt like the message needed to be passed along.

People are not created equal, at least their bodies aren’t.  We have different torso and limb lengths.  Different sized noses.  Some have bigger hands than others.  Some have wider hips or broader shoulders.  But for some reason, we have a very narrow view of what beautiful or strong looks like.  We aren’t very good at giving ourselves room for our unique body types.  We want to look like so and so, despite the fact that their body is completely different than ours.

The following link shows several Olympic and professional athletes.  Pole vaulters, weightlifters, decathletes, etc. all in peek physical condition for their sport, yet they all look completely different.  COMPLETELY different.

I strongly encourage you to check this link out and then give yourself a break.  You have the body you have.  There are some things you can change about it (muscle development, body fat percentage), but for the things you can’t, cut yourself some slack and realize that those are the things that make your body unique.


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