Random Friday makes a brief return.

I know that I said a while ago that I wasn’t going to do Random Fridays anymore, but hey it’s my blog, and I can do what I want.  So there!

-My wife is due in about 8 weeks.  Do you know how long that is? It’s not very long at all.  It’s less than two months.  It’s like 8 weeks.  Holy crap I’m going to be responsible for a human being. AHHHHH!!!!!!  But seriously, it isn’t very far away.  I currently vascillate between being incredibly excited and terrified.

While I love my job…LOVE my job, I’m currently spending between 12-16 hours away from home on most days.  This simply isn’t going to fly with me when I’ve got a new little baby at home.  With that in mind, I’m in the midst of completely changing my business model.  I think the changes will benefit both me and my clients.  It will also make training with me more affordable.  Be looking for some info on that in the near future.

-Speaking of training with me, (smooth, huh?) if you haven’t, check out the online training that I do.  It’s a great way to get leaner and stronger for those who are unable to train with me in person.  Summer is only a few months away, just enough time to get into “swimsuit shape”.

-If you’re looking for a good, quick fat burning workout out you can do at home, check out this old post of mine.  All you need is your bodyweight.

Here’s a great article on why, unless you are a bodybuilder, you shouldn’t be lifting like one.  I.e. “chest day”, “back day”, etc.  It uses words like “sarcomere hypertrophy”, but it’s interesting despite the mild nerdy-ness.  While you could argue you’re not an athlete either, your body is designed to move athletically, so I believe that is how you should train.  Besides, who doesn’t want to feel stronger and move better?

-Sometimes people getting hurt is just plain funny.  This video is no exception:

Have a good weekend!

*NOTE*-There is now a link to the article mentioned above.  Sorry about that.


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