3 reasons to drink…and drink…and drink.

Water.  Nature’s way of keeping us healthy, happy and keeping our bodies functioning optimally.  It’s crazy to me that the one liquid this earth provides us with is the one that is least often consumed.  In fact, I’ve even heard some stats that say as much as 75% of us are chronically dehydrated.

That’s a lot of us.

We get busy and forget to drink.  There are so many other tasty options to drink out there.  Water has no flavor.  And on and on.  I understand there are a ton of reason you may not want to drink water, but I’m going to give you three as to why you should.

1. Weight loss.

Staying hydrated helps your body function the way that it’s supposed to.  If you are dehydrated, your body considers itself in a “stressed” state.  And when you body is in a stressed state, it often doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.  Mostly because it can’t.  By chugging water, you give your body the opportunity to do what it needs to to get rid of unwanted fat.  Mainly, flush toxins out of your body and regulate your metabolism.  If you want to lose weight, you’ve got to drink water.

2. Absorb nutrients.

Being hydrated allows your body to maximize nutrient absorption.  So even if you are eating well, you may be missing out on getting all the nutrients out of your food.  But no, drinking more water wont help you get more “nutrients” from Twinkies and cookies.

3.  It helps you avoid these:

-Muscle cramps




-Kidney problems


I was going to elaborate on this, but I think the point is simple.  Any of those suck to have, drinking water can keep them away.

So how much water should you drink?  For starters, more!  The easiest way to do this is to figure out how much water you are currently drinking and then drink more than that.  I know, genius right?  But seriously, I usually tell people to shoot for a gallon a day.  This may seem like a ton, but spread out over the course of a day, it really is doable.

So drink up and enjoy the benefits!


One thought on “3 reasons to drink…and drink…and drink.

  1. the importance of hydration is so very much over looked. people who have chronic pain have better pain control when well hydrated and the number one cause of flu like symptoms and general malaise (generalized discomfort) is lack of adequate hydration. Great post, Keep em coming.

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