Exercises You Should Be Doing: Swiss Ball Toe Touches

My wife is awesome.  If you know her, you already know that, but she often does something that reminds me of just how awesome she is.  Yesterday, I was in a bit of a funk all day long ( a looooong day at that), and she made it all better with food. I came home to ginger marinated elk steak, a variety of steamed veggies (onions, pea pods, broccoli, red peppers, green beans) with some vinagrette on them and brown rice.  Then for dessert, strawberries with the tips dipped in chocolate.

Who says healthy food can’t be a pick me up?

To say the  least, it was a freakin’ delicious meal.

Anyway, on to your abs and how you can make them hard as diamonds.  That’s right…diamonds…

Swiss Ball Toe Touches are a pretty challenging exercise for most clients.  They certainly aren’t appropriate for those who are at a beginner level.  I usually don’t have anyone do these until they can do some solid sets of Spiderman Planks with good form.

Here’s what they look like:

Here’s how to do them:

-Get into a push-up position with the front of your feet on a Swiss Ball.

-Brace your abs, back and butt.  Keep them flexed as tight as you can through the movement.

-Once your body is tight, take one foot off the ball and touch your toes to the ground.  Then place your foot back on the ball.

-Repeat with the other side.

I like to have clients do 8-12/side.


-To make the exercise a bit easier (to regress it) place your shins on the ball.  This will give you more stability and take some of the work out of your abs.

-To make the exercise more difficult, slow down the speed of your legs, and reach out farther with the foot that is touching the ground.

Try them out and let me know what you think!


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