That room’s a liar!

Happy President’s Day to everybody!

A few weeks ago, I saw a pretty cool video.

Here it is:

(If you don’t watch it, this post will make zero sense. It’s only 90 seconds long.  Seriously, this wont make any sense.)

I find it very interesting that the mind is so set on the idea that walls are square, and that they always are, that it views the girl as growing larger rather than seeing a distorted room.  That’s a pretty powerful preconceived notion.

This concept can apply to many areas of our lives.  For some people, no matter how badly they want to lose weight, get stronger or get lean, they are completely unable to imagine themselves successful.  Much like the distorted room, they are unable to see their perceptions for what they really are and they limit their potential.

How about you?

Have past failures determined your future for you?

Have you tried to lose weight with no success and are now determined that that’s the way it will always be?

Have you tried to eat healthy and failed miserably over and over again, only to decide that crappy, processed food is the only diet you can stick to?

Maybe it’s time to step back and check your perception.

Maybe you need to see the room for what it really is…a flat out deception.


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