Exercises You Should Be Doing: Goblet Squat

People often have a very difficult time learning proper squat form.  Their knees shoot forward, hips stay tucked in and their torsos lean forward.  None of these are things you want to have happen  whilst squatting.  Often people lack either the mobility or the stability, or both, to reach any kind of appreciable depth while maintaining proper from.

While verbal cues like, “push your hips back”, “keep your knees over your ankles”, and “chest up” can be helpful, but sometimes a client has a hard time grasping what those cues should feel like.

Enter the Goblet Squat.

I first heard of this movement from Dan John, and I have to say that aside from really liking the movement for myself, I’ve found it to be incredibly helpful in teaching people to squat properly as well as increasing their squat depth.


-Hold a dumbbell or Kettlebell with both hands at chest height, like a drinking goblet

-Imagine sitting back into a chair, pushing your hips back

-Keep your chest up

-From the bottom position, push your knees out and drive up through your heels

-Squeeze your butt tight at the top



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