Random Friday

Happy Friday everyone.  Here’s another installment of Random Friday:

-If you made New Years Resolutions, are you still sticking to them?  If so, you’re doing better than most people, considering 2-3 weeks is the big drop off point for keeping resolutions.  If you’re not sticking to them, get back at it, quit making excuses, find time for yourself and just do it.

-Tonight my wife and I are going out to celebrate a friends birthday.  The restaurant we are going to seriously has “chicken and waffles” on the menu.  Although I wont be ordering it, I have to say it’s a bit tempting just for the pure novelty of it.

(Yes that is a piece of fried chicken smack-dab on top of a waffle)

-I’m toying around with the idea of doing away with Random Fridays, at least as a regular post.  With my schedule being quite a bit busier, I’m not able to post nearly as often as before and I hate to waste one of my 2-3 weekly posts on my random brain droppings.  I’m thinking it might be better to use that for some good quality content.  If you have any thoughts on that, let me know.

-Girls ignoring the hype of “light weight, lots of reps” and truly getting stronger and leaner will never get old to me:

That was 170lbs folks…

-If you missed my post on Wednesday, “5 Reasons The Biggest Loser Is Bad For The Fitness Industry“, be sure and check it out.

Have a good weekend!



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