A Day of Awesome-ness

I don’t know what’s been up with this week, but it’s been pretty awesome.  Maybe it was the fact that on Monday we FINALLY got some sun here after what has felt like weeks without it.  Maybe it was the three day weekend, but whatever it’s been, people have been coming to the gym ready to do some damage.

I have had several clients add very appreciable weight to the bar.  Just about everyone has been crushing their previous weeks weights/reps.  Amongst all of this I had a client set a new PR for her deadlift (165lbs), and another client bust out 5 solid squats at 135 lbs.  (This was a 50 lb jump up from her weight from three weeks ago.)

All of this was very timely for me.  I’ve mentioned that the New Year has brought a ton of new business.  And while the growth has had me very excited, it’s also had me feeling a bit overwhelmed.  The last week or so had felt like a blur.  The last two days have been a good reminder for me as to why I started training in the first place.  Having clients getting stronger, leaner and healthier is what makes this all worth while.  To sum it up, yesterday broke me free of the “overwhelmed” feeling and served as a realignment for me.

I have to say though, that out of all the awesomeness that happened yesterday, one thing in particular stood out.

1 girl.

7 Pull Ups.

The 8th pull up doesn’t count due to the kicking of her legs, but it should be noted that at her CrossFit class the previous day, she had deadlifted heavy singles which really taxes the lats.  My guess is, when rested, she’s got at least another 2 pull ups in her!

So here’s a huge thank you to my clients for reminding me of why I love my job!


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