Reflection/Projection (How’s that for an exciting title?)

Happy 2011 everyone!  I hope you all had a great holiday season, filled with good food, good friends, and hopefully a bit of rest.  I spent the last week of 2010 in Houston with my wife’s family.  As always, it was great time of visiting and hanging out. I also got in plenty of rest and several naps.  Even though, technically, I took the week off from work, my brain has a hard time shutting the training side of me down.  I still think about different ways to program my clients training, read articles and blogs from other trainers and daydream about lifting heavy stuff.  I guess that’s what happens when you love what you do and when your work never really feels like work.

While on my flight to Houston, I began to think of what the last year had brought to me as well as what the next could hold.  I think it can be a very valuable thing to look back at where you’ve come from and where you are headed.  To take a moment and recognize the things that have brought you to where you are as well as envision how things could be different in the future as well as establish personal goals can set yourself up for powerful change.  That’s what I found myself doing on that flight, and I thought it might make for an interesting post.

Here are some of the major events/changes that took place for me during 2010. (I’m keeping these professional due to the fact that I’m sure many of you don’t have a huge interest in the awesomeness of my personal life.)

-In 2010, my average daily training doubled.  I remember when I very first started training, I was thrilled the first time I had 5 sessions in one week.  Ever since then, I’ve seen steady growth in the number of sessions I do weekly.  So to watch it continue to grow through 2010 to the point that it doubled from January to December has been very exciting.

-I started my own company.  In October of 2010, I started Gray Fitness Systems LLC.  It was a bit of a scary move to go from an employee to a business owner, but I knew it was the right move.  Since the launch of that company, I have seen an even bigger personal investment in myself both as a trainer and as a businessman.

-I started online personal training.  While I had toyed around with this idea some in the past, I never really got it going until the latter half of 2010.  I have since gained a few clients from a variety of places, including one in Honduras.

-Lastly, I started this blog.  In August of 2010 I started with the hope of it being an avenue for me to reach a few people with some sound fitness information.  It has grown in ways I never expected and has been a very valuable tool in my business growth.  Also, it’s been a ton of fun.

So that’s what 2010 brought to me.  Here’s what I’m hoping 2011 will hold:

-Continued growth in the amount of sessions I do weekly.  Although I’m not sure that I could handle business doubling at this point, I can certainly see adding an additional 10-15 sessions a week.

-Continue to grow Gray Fitness Systems.  I would like to see the company (which basically means me) become more known in my area as well as begin to spread to surrounding areas.  Basically, I want to be the go-to guy for people in my town and surrounding areas when it comes to fitness.

-I want my online training to grow in leaps and bounds.  This is an area that has unlimited potential and I would like to see it go through the roof in 2011.

-As far as the blog goes, I hope to continue to post 4-5 times a week.  I also want to continue to gain readership.  I would also like to post more video related content, seeing as how a lot of you seem to like the video demonstrations.

-I’ve mentioned before that I would love to begin to write articles for different publications.  My goal in 2011 is to start doing some article writing and get my name as well as some solid information out there to the general public.

-Lastly, I’ve already began some research on some products I would like to work on.  Don’t worry, by products I don’t mean ridiculous late-night-infomercial-type products.  I mean quality products, whether in the form of e-books or videos, that people can use to get into the best shape of their lives.  I have several ideas, but as always, I would love to hear ideas from any of you on things you might like to see.

That’s my 2010/2011 reflection/projection.  How about you?  Have you taken a moment to look at what the last year held?  Or how about to dream of what the New Year might?  If you haven’t, I strongly encourage you too.

Happy New Year!


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