Just because it SAYS so doesn’t mean it IS so.

Sorry I didn’t get around to posting yesterday.  My day was jam packed and I honestly didn’t have a chance until 6:00 last night and figured I would just wait until this morning.

I saw this statement yesterday:

“America’s #1 source of whole grains for breakfast.”

Any guesses on where I saw it?  A package of whole grain bread? Nope.  What about some whole grain English muffins?  Uh uh.  Oatmeal? No sir.  Stumped?  It was actually on a  box of Lucky Charms.  I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Here’s your morning bowl of “healthy start to the day”:

(I had no idea that healthy food could be so marshmallow-y.)

Two things jump out at me as being seriously wrong with the above statement.

First of all, can you really call Lucky Charms a “whole grain”?  Obviously the company is allowed to by the FDA (which is a whole other issue), but please don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because a company tells you that something is good for you it means it is.  Lucky Charms (as well as most other sugary cereals) also claim that they are fortified with vitamins.  If I gave you a bowl of sawdust and plopped a multi-vitamin in the middle of it, would you believe me if I told you it was a healthy way to start your day?

Second, I think there is a really good chance that the #1 source of “whole grains” for America at breakfast is from sugary cereals.  Especially for children.  Ah, diabetes…how we love you.

I’ll admit, I like Lucky Charms.  (After all, they are delicious…one could even say they are magically delicious.)  I also really like cocoa pebbles (a lot), but in no way do I think they constitute a healthy breakfast or have a place as a part of anyone’s regular diet.  And I certainly don’t think they count as a whole grain or are a good source of vitamins.

The owner of the gym I work out of has a great statement.  He says, if a food product says it’s good for you, it probably isn’t.  These foods are like those people who constantly tell you about how funny they are, but they’ve never actually made you laugh.  Or like the guy who brags about all the girls he dates, but then you see him all but wet his pants when an attractive girl walks in the room.  Generally, if you are somthing (awesome, funny, etc) you don’t have to spend time convincing people.

Food is the same way.

Be wary of foods that scream “I’m healthy, see the box even says so!”  And certainly don’t try to convince yourself that a bowl of marshmallows is a great way to start your day.


5 thoughts on “Just because it SAYS so doesn’t mean it IS so.

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