Last night brought about quite a bit of snow (12-14 inches) for Eastern Oregon/Western Idaho and it has shut a lot of things down.  I tried to make it to my morning sessions, but had a hard time staying on the road…consequently, I cancelled those.  Also, for those of you who don’t know, I do a little youth mentoring for a local counseling center.  This usually fills up my Wednesday afternoon.  However, they have decided to cancel all services due to road conditions.  What this means for me is, all of a sudden I have most of the day open.  I have to say that my first thought was “well this sucks”, because not working means not making money.  And it’s nice to pay bills.  But instead of sitting around all day playing video games reading comic books sulking about it I’ve decided to take some lemons and make some lemonade by getting a few things done that I would have to/have been putting off.

The main goal today is to get started on some articles I’ve been “brainstorming” on for a while now.  I mentioned a little while ago that Tony Gentilcore reviewed my blog and gave me some good, professional advice as to how to not only improve my blog, but also be more successful as a trainer.  One piece of advice he gave me was to begin to write articles and submit them to online publications.  My attack with this is twofold.  1. Find sites that will publish my articles, or are at least willing to look at my submissions and 2. actually have something to publish.  (That seems kind of important)  So a good chunk of today will be spent writing, as well as researching sites to submit my work.

However, I’m sure I will also spend some time today doing things like:

-Shoveling snow

-Trying to drag my dumpster back from the road through a foot of snow, which may be the equivalent of some sled work.

-Hopefully I will be able to make my afternoon/early evening sessions as well as get a lift in for myself.

-Oh, and I need to find my dogs ball that I threw out into the snow for him to chase.  It completely disappeared and he’s a little lost without it.