Post-Thanksgiving and the “benefits” of toning shoes.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving weekend.  I know, for myself, it was a very relaxing weekend with minimal work, lots of rest and a whole lot of food.  I’ll be honest and say that I ate pretty much whatever I felt like this weekend.  I’m not too concerned though.  Today I get back on track and feel motivated from the weekend “off” from eating a fairly strict diet.  That’s the beauty of living a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy veering of course every once in a while, with minimal damage.  I’ve heard a lot of trainers preach on ways to survive Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.  They give suggestions for low fat recipes and such.  I don’t think these are bad things, but I think they can be de-motivating.  My vote is: eat well all around the holidays and don’t sweat the actual day.  If you eat well MOST of the time, you can enjoy things like birthdays and holidays.  Just don’t use this logic as an excuse to binge every week.  I’ve literally had clients that come in every week telling me how they had a birthday/anniversary/funeral/low grade fever/the hiccups or whatever other excuse they can think of to justify stuffing their faces.  This approach really will not work.

OK, moving on…

In the last year or so, toning shoes have made quite a splash in the fitness industry.

They claim to strengthen, tone and tighten your calves, legs and butt by simply walking.  According to the ads, the unstable surface that the shoes provide give an added stimulus to the body which in turn gives you a work out just from wearing them.  Let alone the amazing benefits you get by doing exercises like the “Rump Sculpting Reach” while wearing them.*  The companies who make these shoes have their own “studies” that “prove” the shoes effectiveness.  However, these studies were not peer reviewed and were intended to back up their claims.  I’m pretty sure I could come up with a study that proves doing push-ups will double the amount of chest hairs I have (6), but this wouldn’t mean it’s accurate.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently did a study involving several different brands of toning shoes. In short, they found that the shoe manufactures claims were false and that the shoes provided no statistical significance in muscle activation.

Here’s my additional two cents on the subject.  Even if there was some benefit to these shoes, the benefits would only last so long.  Once your body adapted to the new stimuli, the shoes would be basically worthless.  (Even though they already are.)

This is a classic case of companies continuing to spread the lie that you can get in shape with the simple purchase of a product and minimal work.

Bottom line: save yourself the money…lunges are free.

*Please note that this comment is frosted with chocolate fudge sarcasm.


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